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How to Delete Cookies on Windows 10 & Browser [4+ Ways]

Cookies are a type of data that websites store on your computer or device. They can be used to track your activity and personalize the experience you have when visiting a website. Deleting cookies removes this tracking and personalizing information from sites, but it’s important to know how to do so properly.

Cookies are a part of most websites and they help to improve the user experience by providing information on how the site is used. However, some users want to delete cookies from their browsers or computers. Here are 4 ways that you can do this. Read more in detail here: where do i find cookies on windows 10.

Most of the time, when surfing, we would come across websites that asked for our permission to set cookies, and we would have agreed. Cookies are little pieces of data or information that websites save on our computers. To be more specific, the data includes your digital preferences, name, address, and even your buying and spending habits. When you save such information, the website may retrieve it later and provide you with relevant search results. To put it another way, cookies are saved in order to track you down. We may wish to remove cookies to safeguard our privacy. You’ll find instructions on how to remove cookies on Windows 10 in this section.

Cookies Should Be Deleted for a Variety of Reasons

What is the purpose of deleting a cookie? There are a lot more dangers associated with cookies. Let’s pretend you’re shopping for a phone on an online store and you’ve added it to your basket. And then you exited the app and signed into Facebook. You may view the recommended mobiles from that page and other websites on your Facebook feed. This is exactly what Cookies do for nearly all of your online activities. You should keep this in mind as you learn more about the reasons for removing a cookie.

  • Stalking – You were obviously stalked by Facebook and other websites thanks to the stored cookies. As a result, keeping cookies puts your online security and privacy at risk.
  • Information taken from one website, like as an e-commerce site, is stolen by another. e.g., Facebook or eBay. Consider the other banking and transaction information if one might take your fundamental data from the other.
  • Corruption – You may have kept this phone for a long time, and you may notice that FB continues to recommend the same or similar material even after years. As a result, your data has been damaged as a result of your previous choices.
  • Storage Space – Cookies are tiny and don’t take up a lot of room. When you accept a high number of cookies, however, it takes up more space. As a result, there’s a good possibility your smartphone may run out of space sooner.

We need to erase the cookies for your own benefit and to preserve your privacy and storage space.

On Windows 10, how do you delete cookies?

Step 1: Open the Start menu on your Windows 10 computer. Also, look for Control Panel.

Control Panels - Delete Cookies on Windows 10Windows Control Panels

Step 2: Next, choose Internet and network from the drop-down menu.

Network and InternetNetwork and Internet

Step 3: Select Clear Your Browsing History and Cookies from the drop-down menu. It’s under the internet options menu.

Delete Browsing history and cookiesCookies and browsing history should be deleted.

Step 4: Select the Privacy tab from the drop-down menu. After that, choose Advanced.

Advanced Privacy SettingsAdvanced Privacy Configurations

Step 5: You can now choose how you want to manage cookies. To manage cookies later, choose Block or Prompt. Also, make sure the option next to Always accept session cookies is unchecked.

Internet Properties - generalGeneral Internet Properties

Step 5: Next, click the General tab. Then, on Exit, tick the box next to Delete Browsing History. Then press the Delete key.

Delete Browsing HistoryDelete Browsing History

Step 6: Select Cookies and website data from the Delete Browsing History pop-up. Click OK after selecting Delete.

How Do I Remove Cookies From My Windows 10 Browser?

You may remove cookies in online browsers as well as on your Windows 10 PC. Let’s look at how to remove cookies in various web browsers.

1. Clear your Chrome cookies

Google Chrome - MenuMenu in Google Chrome

  • Launch Chrome and choose the three-dot menu option from the drop-down menu. After that, choose Settings.
  • Select Advanced from the drop-down menu.

Google Chrome - Privacy and Security sectionSection of Google Chrome dedicated to privacy and security

  • Select Privacy and Security from the left sidebar.
  • On the right pane, choose Clear Browsing Data.

Google Chrome - How to Delete Cookies on Windows 10Clear Browsing Data in Google Chrome

  • Select Cookies and other site data from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, on Chrome on Windows 10, select the Clear Data button to erase or delete cookies.

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2. In Mozilla Firefox, delete cookies.

Firefox- MenuFirefox’s main menu

  • On Windows 10, open Firefox and choose the menu choices in the top-right corner. After that, choose Options.

Firefox - Privacy and Security SettingsPrivacy and Security Options in Firefox

  • Select Security and Privacy from the left pane.
  • Select History from the drop-down menu.
  • Now choose the option to Clear History.

Firefox - How to Delete Cookies on Windows 10Clear All History in Firefox

  • To dismiss the pop-up window, choose Everything from the drop-down Time Range menu.
  • Select the checkbox next to Cookies. Then choose OK or Clear Now.

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3. In Microsoft Edge, clear your cookies.

Microsoft Edge - MenuMenu in Microsoft Edge

  • On Windows 10, open the Edge browser and go to the Menu option in the top-right corner. And then choose Settings.

Microsoft Edge - How to Delete Cookies on Windows 10Microsoft Edge – Security and Privacy

  • On the left side, choose the Privacy and Security option. Under Clear Browsing Data, scroll down and choose “Choose What to Clear.”

Micorsoft Edge - How to Delete Cookies on Windows 10Clear Browsing Data in Microsoft Edge

  • Check the box next to Cookies and Website Data Saved.
  • Then choose the option to Clear.

You may use the same technique we described in Delete Cookies on Windows through Control Panel to delete cookies from Internet Explorer. That was all of the options for deleting cookies on a Windows 10 computer. We hope we were able to offer you with what you were searching for. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

The how to delete cookies on microsoft edge is a tutorial that provides 4+ ways to delete cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Cookies on Windows 10?

Cookies are found in the Windows 10 file system under C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies.

How do I clear Cookies from my PC?

Cookies are small pieces of text that websites store on your computer to help them remember things about you. You can clear cookies from your browser by going into the settings and deleting them.

Is it OK to remove all Cookies from my computer?

Yes, it is safe to delete all cookies from your computer.

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