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3 Best WhatsApp Auto Reply Apps for Android

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows you to send text messages and multimedia files to other users. It has over one billion active monthly users as of February 2018, making it the most popular instant messaging service in the world.

The whatsapp auto reply app download is a command-line tool that allows users to search and download app packages from the iOS App Store.

3 Best WhatsApp Auto Responder Apps For Android

When we did not respond to someone’s special call or message, we would frequently offer weak excuses like “busy,” “forgotten,” or “balance was terminated.” While this does occur in reality, others who care about us are often concerned about our well-being if they do not get a reaction right away. As a result, Android has launched the finest WhatsApp auto reply applications to please them or to allow you to automatically answer to their SMS. Because we are all utilizing WhatsApp to send and receive personal and business SMS these days.

These WhatsApp auto reply applications can help you save time, improve connections, and grow your company. Furthermore, if you are driving and are not in the mood or position to talk, these applications may be the ideal option for you. Simply pick the contacts, set the timing, and email them a predetermined response.

Here are the top three WhatsApp auto reply applications for Android:


Best AutoResponder For WhatsAppAutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot is a WhatsApp software that works for both commercial and personal use. You may simply manage numerous conversations using it. Because this software allows you to send the same response to many individuals, no one will go unanswered. Certain replies may also be sent to various contacts.

Everything may be done ahead of time so you can concentrate on your job. Personal communications, for example, will not bother you during working hours, while business messages may be readily handled during family time. With this Whatsapp auto reply app for android, you may enjoy what you want in both areas of your life.

You may personalize responses, re-set the chat bot, and create rules to suit your needs. You may also set a response for contacts that haven’t been saved. Individual and group contacts will get replies according to your timetable. This WhatsApp auto reply software also conceals your last seen time, protects your SMS with a backup mechanism, and offers you a lot more to make your conversation more pleasant.

App To Automatically Respond To WhatsApp Messages


Best WhatsApp Auto-Reply App For AndroidThis WhatsApp auto reply software is ideal for anybody who uses several social media platforms since it allows you to send a pre-programmed answer to all messages in the event that you are unavailable. In other words, your interaction experience will enhance not just on WhatsApp but also on other social media platforms.

You may choose the members of a group or people you believe are essential to reply. You may create a chat bot, recover previous messages, and configure auto messaging timings based on your needs. This Whatsapp auto responder software also has a spreadsheet feature.

Best SMS Auto Responder App For WhatsApp

App To Easily Create Chat BotThis WhatsApp auto reply software has a number of unique and helpful features, including the ability to customize auto answers, choose contacts for auto replying, utilize WhatsApp emoticons, and send replies as many times as needed. This WhatsApp auto reply software also allows you to schedule your messages. The program will begin or stop working at the moment you choose.

In the premium edition, this app also includes widgets, WhatsApp Web, groups, Google Drive, and much more to help you run your work and personal life smoothly.

App To Schedule WhatsApp Messages

Thus, you can simply handle different jobs in less time with the assistance of these Whatsapp auto reply applications for Android. You will never have to deal with late replies again. Everything will happen at the appropriate moment. You and the other person will both be pleased and fulfilled in this manner. Furthermore, sending an auto reply is preferable than receiving no response.


The google auto reply app is a tool that allows users to automatically respond to WhatsApp messages. There are 3 apps that we would recommend for Android users looking for the best auto reply app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto reply text for Android?

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Which WhatsApp have auto reply?

You can choose between a few different options.

Can I put automatic reply on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, you cannot put automatic reply on WhatsApp.

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