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Can You Overcharge A Bose SoundLink?

Bose, the world’s most respected brand in sound technology, has been accused of overcharging for their audio products. Is it possible to get a refund?

The “bose color soundlink” is a portable speaker that can be charged with a standard USB port. The device has no battery and it needs to be plugged in for charging.

The SoundLink line of speakers were designed to be both portable and home speakers.

Bose thought about how their devices will be utilized at home and on the move to accomplish this.

With a long battery life and a solid design, portability is an easy characteristic to achieve. 

It’s a little different when you mix it with your home life, and you may be afraid that keeping your Bose Soundlink plugged in all the time at home will deplete the battery.

Is it okay if I leave my Bose SoundLink connected?

The Bose SoundLink can accept continuous electric input from a wall socket forever without overcharging or overheating the battery. As a result, with Bose portable speaker batteries, overcharging is not an issue.

The Bose SoundLink’s power management system keeps track of the battery level and current flow. 

The incoming electric charge is directed toward the active device and aware of the battery once the battery has achieved full capacity. 

Larger variants, such as the Resolve and SoundLink, are designed to provide high-quality audio for home entertainment that can be moved from room to room or connected to speakers in each room. 

This at-home emphasis meant that user preferences like leaving the power wire plugged in were taken into account.

A constant charge while the battery is full may cause overheating in certain portable devices, which can damage internal components or cause the battery to grow, leaving the gadget useless. 

SoundLink employs a technology that prevents the incoming charge from reaching full capacity in the battery.

There is no assurance that overcharging will not occur if you replace the original battery in your Bose SoundLink with an off-brand replacement. 

The power monitoring system may be unable to identify the battery capacity due to minor changes. 

This may cause the incoming charge to persist even though the battery is fully charged. 

The Drawbacks of Leaving Your Bose Connected All the Time

The SoundLink series speakers were developed by Bose to be able to be plugged in forever without overcharging the battery. While Bose has a mechanism in place to minimize overcharging, there is another issue to consider.

The battery will stay inactive if the speaker is left plugged in for an extended amount of time. 

An inactive battery will lose its capacity to store a charge over time. Unplug your Bose SoundLink charger every now and then to avoid this. 

If the state of your SoundLink’s battery isn’t an issue, you may operate the SoundLink series speakers completely on wall power. It is feasible to replace the battery in your Bose SoundLink speaker if you change your mind in the future. 

Replacement batteries, on the other hand, are not always trustworthy and are sometimes built using approximations of product specs rather than exact blueprints. 

There are several replacement batteries available for purchase, and the internet is an excellent resource for consumer research.

In the end, I suggest using the SoundLink speakers in both portable and stationary modes. 

The diversified usage helps to keep your battery active while simultaneously limiting its consumption. 

This minimizes the number of recharge cycles required to keep the speaker operating, resulting in a longer overall battery life. 

You’ll have continuous access to Bose quality music and establish better device care habits by separating the time the speaker spends utilizing its battery and being plugged in. Win, win, win.

What may harm the battery in my Bose SoundLink?

Life occurs, despite Bose’s attempts to make its equipment impenetrable to electric harm and mild mishaps. 

You may still harm your battery in ways that you can’t avoid or control. 

Fortunately, the most of them are one-of-a-kind divine interventions. 

Power surges may occur across the system as a result of electrical storms. 

If your house experiences a surge, everything plugged in is at risk of being exposed to dangerous voltage.

A lightning bolt’s speed and charge are simply too much for alternating systems to handle, and it may easily overload and brick your SoundLink. 

Fortunately, by properly using a surge protector on your home’s outlets, you can avoid this kind of harm to your electronics.

Water exposure is the next major threat to the battery of the Bose SoundLink. 

The circuit boards within the speaker, the connections that link the device’s inner sections, and the battery may all be damaged by water. 

Water might cause a current short in the battery. 

A tiny current may also travel straight from the battery to other exposed elements, bringing the circuit boards down with it. 

The SoundLink series only has one model with a significant waterproof certification. 

Stay away from bathtubs, pools, seas, rivers, lakes, and ponds with your speaker. 

At the very least, keep them dry and out of the water.

A speaker’s demise is not necessarily due to water exposure. 

Remove the battery and discover how to utilize rice if you find yourself in a predicament with a drenched SoundLink. 

You may still be able to save it.

The voltage that the Bose SoundLink chargers utilize to charge the battery and operate your device is highly particular. 

Another method to put your SoundLink’s battery at danger is to use a charger with a greater voltage and wattage output. 

Even if it’s just somewhat stronger, a greater current may overwhelm what Bose’s technology was built to withstand.

This might lead to the battery being overcharged. 

Overcharging your battery may cause it to grow and heat up the circuits in your speaker, causing components and parts to be damaged or melted.

It’s possible that the gadget may catch fire as a result of this.

How Do I Safely Charge My Bose SoundLink?

As severe as the last section on probable battery damage was, it was only that way because caring for your Bose SoundLink is really simple. 

Even if you don’t want to spend the time learning about electrical device and battery maintenance, all you have to do to keep your speaker in good working order is use the suitable charging capability and disconnect the charger every now and again. 

Here are some pointers on how to care for your Bose SoundLink:

When using wall electricity, use a surge protector.

You’ll learn about your community’s climate and how it impacts the electric system. 

Surge protectors should be used for all of your expensive gadgets if surges and fluttering electricity are regular. 

Even if you live in a steady area, surge protectors for your precious equipment should be used at all times.

Power surges are unpredictable and may occur at any time. 

Allow the speaker to operate on battery power from time to time.

Make sure the battery doesn’t become inactive if you want your SoundLink’s portable life to remain in the seven to twelve-hour range. 

Allow the charger to be unplugged long enough for the battery to lose some charge and get warm. 

If the battery is left inactive for an extended period of time, its life will deteriorate until it can no longer retain a charge. 

Only charge your gadget using the charger that comes with it.

Unless your original charger is irreparably damaged, avoid using any untested third-party chargers. 

Overcharging your battery or causing surges in the connections might be caused by inaccuracy in wattage or voltage. 

Make sure your speaker isn’t submerged in water.

Aside from the SoundLink Micro, the SoundLink line from Bose is not designed for use in the rain or near bodies of water. 

It’s important to keep them away from the prospect of diving deep.

The waterproofness of the SoundLink Micro is also limited.

Bose Speakers Are Overcharged

Overcharging a Bose SoundLink speaker has very minor risks. 

To cause electric or battery damage to your SoundLink speaker, you nearly have to go out of your way. 

That’s fantastic news for practically everyone. 

The only significant hazard emerges when a Bose SoundLink user is in need of a new charger.

Contacting Bose directly for replacements is the best choice. 

You may avoid the hazards of third-party chargers by using a Bose-certified charger.

Bose’s SoundLink speakers are robust, sturdy, and safe gadgets with a little common sense and consideration. 

The majority of SoundLink speaker users will not experience battery expansion or other overcharging difficulties. 

These goods should last for at least eight years longer than the original battery. 

SoundLink users may relax knowing they have a trustworthy and high-quality product.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is it possible to change the batteries in a Bose SoundLink?

Yes, the batteries in SoundLink speakers may be replaced.

The warranty will be voided if the battery is replaced, but chances are you have already exceeded the warranty time.

Is any charger compatible with my SoundLink speaker?

No. The original charger or a replacement from Bose should be used.

If the device is no longer supported and you must buy a charger from a third party, check sure the voltage, wattage, and other specifications match your original charger perfectly.

Should I replace my SoundLink since it won’t turn on until it’s hooked into the wall?

While researching new Bose SoundLink items on the market may be useful, you may be able to restore your SoundLink’s mobility by changing the battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave Bose SoundLink plugged in?

A: You can leave your Bose SoundLink plugged in, however it is recommended that you unplug the battery from the device every 3-6 months to avoid damage.

How long should I charge my Bose SoundLink?

A: If you want to know how long your Bose SoundLink speaker should last, its difficult to say. The battery can last anywhere from 3 hours up to 16 hours in one charge depending on the volume and quality of sound that is being played through the device.

Does Bose SoundLink turn off automatically?


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