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Groove’s Series B funding to help fuel company growth

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Overview of Groove

Groove is a customer relationship management software startup founded in 2012 focused on helping businesses to deliver better customer support. In the past seven years, Groove has seen a tremendous amount of growth. It has recently raised $45 million in series B funding led by Viking Global Investors with participation from existing investors.

Let’s take a closer look at Groove and the impact of this latest round of funding.

Company background

Groove is one of the world’s leading customer support and engagement software companies. Founded by entrepreneurs Alex Turnbull and Rahul Vohra, Groove has created a cloud-based platform that allows companies of all sizes to engage with their customers effectively.

The company’s roots trace back to early 2014 when its two cofounders noticed a major gap in the customer service industry. So they set out to create an intelligent, modern platform that would cater to businesses and better enable them to communicate with their customers in real time. In just over two years, Groove had managed to gain traction with some of the biggest names in tech such as Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and Square – all while helping thousands of small businesses improve their customer experiences.

For its efforts, Groove has earned several notable awards including being recognized by CB Insights as one of only five “Global 10000” companies for 2017; being included twice consecutively on the Inc 5000 list for fastest growing private companies; and being named one of Forbes 2018 Cloud 100 Rising Stars. Most recently, Groove raised $45 million from global investors Viking Global Investors led Series B funding round – pushing its total venture capital funding towards $75 million. The funds raised will be used primarily to continue scaling its engineering team and launch new product features and services that would further enhance customer engagement within enterprise settings.

Mission and vision

Founded in 2014, Groove is dedicated to helping businesses create meaningful customer relationships that drive long-term loyalty and engagement. The Groove platform places customers at the center of every interaction, empowering companies to effectively engage, understand and grow their customer base. Its mission has been to help people succeed in creating meaningful, differentiated, profitable relationships with customers.

The company’s vision centers around four core principles:

  • Creating value for its customers.
  • Leveraging data insights to optimize customer engagement.
  • Fostering collaboration across teams.
  • Providing best-of-breed tools and services that empower companies to succeed in developing successful relationships with their customers.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Groove serves over 3,000 companies worldwide including Virgin Atlantic Airways, The Home Depot, GoDaddy, Nike, Spotify and Women’s Health Magazine. Its Series B funding will be used to further accelerate product innovation by building world-class products and services tailored to businesses’ unique needs as they build deeper relationships with their customers.

groove 45m global 57mwiggersventurebeat

Groove Raises $45 Million Series B Funding Round Led by Viking Global Investors

Groove has recently secured a major milestone in their business journey, raising $45 million in a Series B funding round led by Viking Global Investors. This will help fuel their company’s growth, further their development efforts, and build on their mission of creating an easier way to deliver customer service.

Let’s look deeper at Groove’s Series B funding and what it entails.

Overview of funding

On the morning of April 15, Groove announced a major $45 million Series B funding round led by Viking Global Investors, with participation from existing investors including GreatPoint Ventures, FundersClub, and Eniac Ventures. The funding comes from a successful Series A that closed in mid-2019.

This is a major milestone for Groove and will help accelerate the company’s growth plans, including expanded product offerings and various initiatives to drive customer success. This round brings Groove’s total funding to approximately $60 million.

“We are very excited to have Viking join us in this next growth stage,” said Josh Eidelson, CEO of Groove. “Viking’s deep knowledge of the fintech space makes them an ideal partner as we focus on building new products for our customers and scaling operations for long-term success.”

The money raised will be used by Groove to build out its team (currently at 70) and enhance its existing suite of products; including its flagship product, a secure cloud-hosted FinTech stack built with an open API layer that helps developers quickly launch secure payment services and other financial products with maximum flexibility and scalability. Additionally, Groove has made significant investments in fraud detection — helping developers easily detect suspicious activity — and analytics tools to help them measure performance.

Investors involved

Groove, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, recently announced that it has raised $45 million in their Series B funding round. Leading this funding round is Viking Global Investors, a global investment firm with stakes in some of the biggest technology companies. This investment adds to an extensive list of investors on board with Groove’s long-term vision for company growth and success.

In addition to Viking Global Investors, this round included contributions from Alta Redwood Ventures (acquisition specialists), Notation Capital (a venture capital firm dedicated to founders building the next wave of large-scale software companies) and FinVC. Altogether, these investors have provided the necessary support for Groove’s plans to become the go-to CRM across all sized businesses and drive effective collaboration between teams while bringing customer service operations into 2021.

This capital infusion reflects a greater appreciation for Groove amongst the investor community. In addition, it indicates strong trust in the team working hard to build an innovative product with wins for customers and employees onboarding Groove’s platform.

Impact of funding

Groove’s recent $45 million Series B funding raise has the potential to fuel company growth by furthering the development of Groove’s cloud-based customer service platform. Investors Viking Global Investors and existing investors Owl Ventures and Rembrandt Venture Partners have expressed an optimistic outlook on Groove’s prospects and have infused this capital to help accelerate the company’s evolution.

The raised funds are expected to provide additional resources for Groove to improve its product capabilities that drive customer loyalty and offer new integrations that expand how the platform is used in today’s businesses. Additionally, these funds will allow Groove to leverage a larger team to deliver greater scalability and reliability when scaling up its technology.

These investments will also help propel Groove’s long-term success through additional research and development opportunities and partnerships with key industries involved in customer service initiatives. In addition, this advancement will provide even more personalized support that users of the platform need, allowing users to continue having positive experiences while using their customers’ services or products over time.

Ultimately, this round of funding ensures Groove has all the necessary means regarding technological skills, usage resources, and industry partnerships that can drive sustained growth for years to come. This is an important milestone for investors and customers alike as it allows for further expansion of Groove’s existing products while creating even more innovative ones.

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Company Growth

Groove, a customer success platform, announced a $45 million Series B funding round led by Viking Global Investors. This is the largest round of Groove’s fundraising since the company was founded in 2014 and will be used to fuel growth and innovation.

Let’s look at how Groove plans to use the funds to drive company growth.

Expansion plans

To accelerate customer growth and establish Groove as the leader in customer support software, Groove has announced a $45 Million Series B funding round led by Viking Global Investors. With this funding, Groove will build its core team, expand its platform capabilities, invest significantly in customer acquisition and expand its international presence.

Groove is committed to building the best customer support software in the world, providing an engaging service that empowers brands to increase customer satisfaction. The funds raised will allow the company to continue developing innovative products tailored to their customers’ needs and enabling their teams across the globe to deliver exceptional support experiences. In addition, groove plans to expand its suite of features that cover areas such as help desk functions and solution management capabilities as well as reporting and insights into customers’ conversations with support agents.

The new funding allows for Groove’s rapid expansion plans, including powering businesses of all sizes in over 70 countries. Now with an additional infusion of cash, Groove can continue to provide top-tier solutions for companies worldwide. This series B investment will ensure continued growth for the company which will translate into better products and services for their end users within current markets but also those globally.

Short-term and long-term goals

Groove, a customer service software company, recently announced that it raised a $45 million series B funding round from venture capital firm Viking Global Investors. This is the second notable fundraising round for Groove, which previously closed its series A funding with $17 million in 2019.

The new funds will be used to invest in the continued development of Groove’s customer service platform and drive business growth over the short and long-term. In the short term, the company aims to strengthen its platform by increasing its sales team’s capacity and expanding into other industries. Additionally, they plan to continue investing in their customer success team by improving product onboarding and implementation processes.

In the long-term, Groove plans to channel their funds into research and development to further innovate their product suite and beef up their marketing efforts for branding recognition worldwide. The ultimate goal for Groove is to become one of the industry’s leading customer service software companies through competitive innovation and excellence in support services for customers of all sizes.

groove smbs viking global 57mwiggersventurebeat

Industry Impact

Groove’s recent $45 million Series B funding round led by Viking Global Investors can potentially be a major game-changer in the software industry. Not only did the company raise a large amount of capital, but the lead investor is a major player in the market. In addition, this influx of funding could spark a ripple effect that impacts the industry in multiple ways, such as increased competition, new technologies, and product innovation.

Let’s look into the industry impact of Groove’s Series B funding round.

How will this funding round affect the industry?

The news of Groove’s Series B funding is welcome not just for Groove, but the customer management software industry at large. With the additional capital from Viking Global investors, Groove plans to focus on more product and market development, recruit talent and consolidate their position in the market. This infusion of capital into the industry will likely accelerate innovation and spur competition among customer relationship software companies.

The move also shows that venture capitalists are still eager to invest in software providers that improve customer experiences. It further drives home that customer support is a key component of success in today’s business world, as cutting-edge customer service is quickly becoming a necessary differentiator for many organizations.

Furthermore, this fundraising round comes at an opportune time when many industries rely heavily on digital tools to support customers through every touchpoint in their journey with a company — whether it be queries about products or services or feedback about experiences with a brand or any other related issues. An influx of funding dedicated to developing better customer management tools ensures greater access to resources than ever before; clear advantages over traditional methods include insights into the effectiveness of campaigns and real-time information enabling companies to take immediate action.

What does this mean for Groove’s competitors?

This significant injection of funding has the potential to give Groove a significant competitive advantage over other players in the customer service space. The additional capital will enable Groove to invest more aggressively in product development, potentially resulting in an array of new features, tools, and integrations that can provide them with a competitive advantage. Increasing research & development resources may also allow Groove to introduce innovative solutions that its competitors may be unable to duplicate.

The additional capital might also allow Groove’s team to expand their marketing and advertising efforts, helping the company further its reach into an even broader pool of customers than before. An increase in spending could also create far greater brand recognition for Groove among current and potential users, likely shifting industry perception of them from an unfamiliar contender to a reputable leader in customer service software solutions.

Finally, with more financial resources available, Groove likely can focus on diversifying its revenue streams. Taking advantage of strategic partnerships or exploring alternative revenue models can give the company a long-term competitive edge over rivals relying on their current core offerings alone. This Series B funding is expected to give Groove much-needed momentum as they continue their offensive against competing software companies within their target market.


Groove’s Series B funding round of $45 million, led by Viking Global Investors, is an important milestone for the company.

With this capital injection, Groove can scale up its operations and expand its userbase on a much larger scale.

In this article, we explore the implications of this funding round and the potential growth of Groove shortly.

Summary of the article

Groove, a customer relationship intelligence platform, recently announced its Series B funding round of $45 million. The funding was led by Viking Global Investors and includes investments from Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, Lumia Capital, and others.

This Series B round comes a year after they raised $25 million in Series A funding and marks the first investment from Viking Global Investors. As part of the deal, David Bragg from Viking joins Groove’s board of directors.

Groove will use the new funding to accelerate product development for its customer relationship intelligence platform. In addition, the company plans to rapidly scale its team by hiring more engineers, product designers, salespeople and customer success experts especially in Europe.

The announcement is yet another example of Groove’s commitment to expanding their offering for their customers and showcasing investment from influential partners such as Viking Global Investors that can help drive business growth through valuable advice and connections.

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