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How Canva’s Acquisition of Kaleido Will Impact the Design Industry

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Canva’s recent acquisition of branding and visual identity design platform Kaleido has generated much interest and speculation about how the deal will affect the design industry. Canva is already a powerhouse in the graphic design world, boasting over 15 million users globally. Through the acquisition of Kaleido, they are positioned to become one of the most comprehensive online platforms for creating visuals – from logos and flyers to beautiful presentations.

This article explores what this means for graphic designers, entrepreneurs and marketers that rely heavily on graphics, visuals and branding strategies in their creations and campaigns. We will also look at how Canva’s move is likely to change other trends in digital design such as pricing, team structure and customer engagement. We’ll then talk about some potential implications that could impact not only Canva, but the wider industry as well.

What is Kaleido?

In May of 2021, Canva, a leading online design platform for creating social media graphics and other visuals, announced their acquisition of Kaleido, a background removal specialist. Kaleido is a cloud-based photo editing and manipulation platform that allows users to quickly remove backgrounds from images. With this acquisition, Canva aims to make the design process easier and more efficient.

This article will look at the background behind Kaleido and how Canva’s acquisition will impact the design industry.

Overview of Kaleido’s services

Kaleido is the creative technology company behind an innovative design automation platform that empowers people to create stunning visual technology products. Founded in 2019, the vision behind Kaleido is to empower everyone, regardless of their design skills, to create pixel-perfect images and graphics quickly and easily.

The Kaleido platform includes a cloud-based tool suite that lets users design, prototype, collaborate, publish, share and manage their projects. The Kaleido platform has several features such as:

  • Image editors for quick editing and creation of new designs
  • An integrated asset library full of photos, shapes and other elements users can use in their designs
  • Automatic resizing for various screens
  • A collaboration and project management system for teams with various roles such as designer or admin
  • A preview & testing tool for designers to ensure their projects look perfect on different devices
  • An analytics dashboard which provides insights into project performance from pageviews to click rates
  • Integration with popular social media channels
  • Secure export control so users have full control over who can access their projects

As well as these features Kaleido also offers marketing services such as social media ad campaigns, website building tools and even in-depth consultations with experts from the Kaleido team.

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Recently Canva acquired Kaleido at the end of August 2020. Canva’s merging with this tech giant has created great anticipation around what impact this will have on the industry over the upcoming year. Acquiring Kaleido’s advanced tools gives Canva access to countless new opportunities to scale up its already comprehensive product offering.

What was the purpose of the acquisition?

The acquisition of Kaleido by Canva was a strategic move to solidify the strength of its design suite. As a leading graphic design platform, Canva already had an exceptional set of tools that allowed users to create aesthetically pleasing designs. However, the majority of these designs were for digital media.

With the addition of Kaleido’s comprehensive suite of templates, graphics and other visuals specifically optimised for print media, Canva has now become an end-to-end tool for all kinds of design projects involving both digital and physical components.

Kaleido’s technology will allow Canva to create rich visuals without sacrificing speed or quality. The key feature that makes Kaleido such a powerhouse is its use of advanced AI algorithms to automatically detect elements such as aspect ratios and colours in digital images and provide custom resolution options based on their native size when printing out physical copies. AI algorithms have also been optimised to offer automated recommendation services, providing users with more efficient alternatives should they require a different solution than what they have currently chosen.

In addition, Kaleido’s template library is already filled with hundreds upon hundreds of different designs, allowing users to quickly and easily create attractive prints without needing extra skill or knowledge in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Canva acquires background removal specialists Kaleido

Recently, Canva, a leading online design platform, announced that it had acquired background removal specialists Kaleido. As part of this acquisition, the Kaleido team and technology will become a significant part of Canva’s product offering. This acquisition will give Canva a huge advantage in the design industry, as they will now have access to Kaleidos powerful background removal capability.

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In this article, we will take a look at how this acquisition will impact the design industry.

Increased access to background removal tools

With the Canva acquisition of Kaleido, digital designers can now access quicker, easier background removal tools in their existing Canvas Design tool. Kaleido was known for its wide variety of pre-made editing tools, which will now be integrated into Canva’s design suite. This integration should drastically ease the process of removing backgrounds from images and allow designers to create more versatile designs with less effort.

In addition to improved background removal capabilities, this partnership also brings increased accessibility to a host of other features, such as Kaleido’s deep learning capabilities, AI-based image analysis technology and object detection algorithms which automate tedious design tasks such as colour correction and object selection.

This access to Kaleido’s superior deep learning technology means that designers can easily create stunning digital visuals. It also can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for manual labour associated with photo editing tasks such as removing undesirable elements from shots or creating smooth transitions between images in composite shots. As a result, this feature will help creators work more efficiently without sacrificing quality or cutting corners in their projects.

By making these advanced image recognition capabilities available through Canva’s Design Suite, users have increased control over their creative process. As a result, they can achieve professional results in much less time than before. The impact this merger will have on the creative industry remains to be seen – however early adopters are sure to recognize the potential gains this powerful duo has to offer right away!

Improved design capabilities

Canva’s acquisition of Kaleido in October 2020 marked a milestone for Canva as the company continues to expand its capabilities as an all-in-one design platform. With this acquisition, Canva has added a suite of tools and features to create a seamless user experience with enhanced design capabilities, increased performance and improved collaboration.

The new Kaleido tools are designed to help simplify the design process by providing access to pre-made designs, templates and illustrations. These elements can be customised with easy-to-use editing tools that allow users to quickly create professional looking projects. And since all content is stored in the cloud, collaboration and sharing are made easier. The workflow feature allows multiple editors to work on the same project simultaneously with real-time updates ensuring everyone is working from the same version of a project.

Adding Kaleido’s tools has also elevated Canva’s ability to help professionals work more efficiently. For example, now users can build entire project briefs within the platform, eliminating time spent tediously bouncing between applications or tracking down various elements from external sources.

Integrating Kaleido into Canva will have an even greater impact on professionals who specialise in creative fields such as logo design, web development and animation. By combining these tools with Canva’s AI technology, designers will have access to unprecedented creativity when creating projects for clients, allowing them to deliver higher quality work much faster than ever before.

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With such advanced capabilities now available within Canva, many more professionals will likely choose this platform over traditional software programs or online services when creating graphics and other visuals for their projects.

Increased competition in the design industry

One of the primary effects of Canva’s acquisition of Kaleido is increased competition in the design industry. Due to its intricate and customizable tools, Canva has become a dominant force. It allows users to create highly professional-looking graphics in just a few clicks, making it easier than ever for people with little experience or knowledge to enter the field. The acquisition of Kaleido’s new competitor will give them a new edge in this race.

Kaleido is an online platform that provides designers with tools to produce high-quality design products without having any coding knowledge or expertise. Designed for non-designers and hobbyists alike, Kaleido’s ease of use makes it a great resource for those wanting to create stunning visuals without investing hours into learning complex software. This added competition into the mix puts more pressure on lead companies like Canva and Adobe to continuously innovate and expand their offerings to remain ahead of the curve.

As designers compete against one another to offer better products at more reasonable prices, they will have no choice but to take creative risks and use their skills in ways that are unprecedented – resulting in higher-quality design products that can be accessed by people who may have otherwise been shut out due to limited budget or skill sets required by previous offerings. Ultimately, this could lead to higher wages for designers and wider opportunities for firms looking for experts within this field.

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