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How To Connect To Locked WiFi Without Password [HACK]

In today’s day and age, many of us rely on Wi-Fi to connect with friends, family or even the general public. This ubiquitous technology has paved the way for a myriad of advancements in business as well as social progress. However, if you’re stuck without any internet access or your wifi password is invalid then this hack might help get things going once again! Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to this though…

This article will teach you how to connect to a locked WiFi without the need for a password. This is useful if your computer or phone is not connected to your network, but it is still within range.

Consider the following scenario: you’ve forgotten the password to your WiFi network. Or you’re at work or at a friend’s home and can’t remember the password to the accessible WiFi network. So, how do you connect to a password-protected WiFi network in these situations?



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Here’s an easy way for getting onto someone’s WiFi without having to go through the verification procedure. This article is just for the purpose of education. Do not use this method to engage in any unlawful activity.



Yes, you may connect to a password-protected WiFi network without a password by utilizing WPS (WiFi Protected Set Up). WPS is supported by the majority of routers. You must have physical access to the router of the WiFi network you wish to join to in order to use this approach. If you’re using a Windows or Android smartphone, you’re in luck since this method will work for you. Because the WPS feature is not supported by the Apple Ecosystem.

Disclaimer & Strict Warning: The objective of this material is solely educational. Don’t try to do anything unlawful with the information in this article. Our website and author will not be held liable for any measures taken against you if you breach or violate any law.

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WPS: What Is It and How Does It Work?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, and it enables you to connect wireless devices without having to pick a network name or input a password. Now comes the issue of why this WPS feature is necessary. There are a number of wireless devices in which we cannot input a password, such as a wireless printer or a wireless repeater. WPS makes things a lot simpler and quicker in this case.

In this situation, we will turn on WPS on both the router and the smartphone at the same time to connect our smartphone to the WiFi network. And after a few seconds, your smartphone will be automatically linked to this router’s Wifi network.

How to Connect to a Password-Protected WiFi Network Without a Password

You should now have a basic understanding of WPS and its capabilities. So, let’s use this method to connect to a password-protected WiFi network. The steps are clear and easy to follow. Simply follow the instructions outlined below and watch the 2-minute live video tutorial:

Do you know how easy it is to turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot?



Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your smartphone –> “WiFi” –> “Connection” –> “Connection” –> “Connection” –> “Connection” – Search for “WPS Push Button” option under “More” or “3 Vertical dot icon” and tap on it.

Step 2: Now, on the backside of your router, press the “WPS” button. These two devices will pair up in a few seconds, and your device will join to the WiFi network. It’s over!!!

This procedure is fairly straightforward. WPS is supported by the majority of routers; if it isn’t, this method will not work. It’s worth checking out this method for connecting to a password-protected WiFi network. Please let us know how you feel about this post, as well as your useful thoughts and recommendations, in the comments area below. You may also be interested in learning:



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