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How to make Warp cell for hyperdrive in No Man’s Sky?

Warp cell is an energy-based currency in the game No Man’s Sky. You can use it to buy items and resources or sell them for credits. If you want to make your own warp cell, here’s how!

In “No Man’s Sky”, the hyperdrive is a device that allows players to travel at speeds faster than light. In order to make a warp cell, you will need to gather materials and place them in the correct slots. There are also different types of warp cells that can be made, such as one for short-range traveling or long-range traveling.

No Man’s Sky is a liberation that may sometimes lead to rabies. This is the most free poultry rabies, capable of cutting the sky but stranded on a planet due to the requirement to create a certain item.

When you need to create a warp-cell to charge the engine for a voyage between systems in the early hours of the game, you’ll feel exactly that annoyance. Because this is the primary means of travel throughout the galaxy, reaching its core will need a faster-than-light voyage.

In No Man’s Sky, how do you construct Warp cells?

To build a warp-cell, you’ll need two critical components that aren’t always present where you began the game. Especially if you’ve been concentrating on surface resource exploitation.

Thamium9 is a very common element on Earth. As a result, travel into space and search for asteroids, which are abundant in Thamium9. To make a single-cell warp, you’ll need 100 units.

Antimatter is the first ingredient you should work on. Here’s how to accomplish it.

You may make Warp cell just like any other item after you have two components. Run the warp engine and load the ship’s equipment.

In No Man’s Sky, how do you manufacture antimatter?

As part of the main No Man’s Sky adventure, you obtain your first unit of antimatter from a kind stranger. After then, antimatter manufacturing is entirely on your shoulders. And a lot of antimatter is required. Fortunately, the alien on the second system you’ll visit will show you an antimatter diagram.

You’ll need the following items to make antimatter:

1 unit of Electron Vapour — this resource is made up of one Suspension Fluid and 100 units of Plutonium, both of which may be purchased at the stations. Electron Vapour crafting is accessible right away when you start the game.

50 Heridium units — this resource is available on planets, however it is very uncommon. Climb onto the spacecraft and fly across the planet’s surface, looking for huge rocks. There’s a strong probability you’ll discover a lot of Heridium here. It’s also available at the stations, although it’s pretty pricey.

Zinc is a common planetary resource in the amount of 20 units. It may be found in a variety of places, including plants and rocks. Purchases may also be made at the stations.

In No Man’s Sky, where can you locate the warp Cells?

Cells may be used for anything, not only crafting. You may receive the warp cell as a mission or just discover it in the environment from time to time.


Monoliths are one of the planet’s most significant features. It is unquestionably worthwhile to pay them a visit. They may teach you alien language, help you find a new location on the map, and each encounter exposes more about the plot.

At stations and planets, there are Atlas boxes.

Another item that might irritate players in No Man’s Sky is Atlas’ curse. As you play, this item gets pumped as you construct more and more of the greatest alternatives. Getting the first, on the other hand, will be difficult. This will be covered in more detail later. You may open the door to spots identified on planetary containers near to the lighthouse after you have the Atlas-Pass. Many of them have warp cells or other fuel-related components in them.

Atlas interactions in their many forms

You’ll come across a monolith that leads to the first Atlas interface in space as the game progresses. You’ll get two cells and an Atlas Stone if you visit each one, which we’ll go over in more detail in a later guide.

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The “no man’s sky hyperdrive fuel” is a type of resource that can be collected in the game. It allows players to travel faster than normal, but it takes time for this fuel to regenerate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a warp cell in no mans sky?

A: To make a warp cell in No Mans Sky on pc, first you will want to go into your inventory and click the warp cell item. Then select what form of energy you would like to use for this particular warp.

How do you make a warp cell in NMS?

A: The process is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is create a room thats big enough for the warp cell, then place it in one of the corners of this room. You also have to make sure there arent any doors or walls on each side of it so players cant get stuck behind them when they teleport back out again after warping through.

How do you create a hyperdrive in no mans sky?

A: You must first make an antimatter pod. Then, you can either use a jumpdrive to travel between systems quickly or use the hyperdrive .

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