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Philo Subscription Price Rising to $25 Per Month on June 8

Philo is a television service that offers live TV for $16 per month. On June 8, the price will be raised to $25 per month.

Philo, the streaming TV service that recently surpassed Sling in subscriber numbers is increasing its cost by $4 per month to $25 on June 8. The company’s CEO says this could be a “very positive move”, allowing them to continue investing in their product while still retaining value for consumers.

Starting June 8, the cost of a Philo membership will increase to $25 per month for new customers. While price hikes in the live TV streaming sector have grown more regular, Philo has taken an unexpected step. Despite the imminent price rise, Philo remains committed to providing a cost-effective service that is far less expensive than competing competitors such as fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV.


Philo has been around for a while and provides fantastic value for money when it comes to live TV. Technically, the service has never seen a price rise before. However, since the basic cost of a Philo membership has climbed over time, this is only theoretically true. The reason for this is that Philo began with a $16 per month package and then added a $20 per month option with additional channels. While both options were accessible for a while, Philo finally dropped the $16 bundle, resulting in a rise in the basic cost of a subscription without any real price increases.

However, Philo is now experiencing a price hike, which is set to take effect in the coming weeks. The basic price of a Philo membership will increase to $25 per month on June 8. The rise will only impact new subscribers, according to Philo, who have previously signed up for the service (or have done so by the time the hike goes into effect) will be locked in at their existing pricing, avoiding the increase entirely.


Philo said that its price hike is the consequence of its own ongoing and growing expenses, similar to the price increases that have afflicted other live TV streaming providers. However, the release goes on to say that Philo didn’t make this choice lightly and would continue to work on providing a low-cost live TV alternative.

Upgrade to a DVR with a price rise

Despite the inexpensive cost of a Philo membership, the service does provide customers with extra benefits such as the option to watch on numerous devices and an unlimited cloud DVR. While Philo recordings are only kept for thirty days before being automatically destroyed, that is scheduled to change in the near future. Subscribers will be able to retain recordings for up to a year after the price rise takes effect, which is a huge increase in time.

It’s worth mentioning that the price rise is directly related to the increased recording time. To put it another way, it not only arrives at the same time, but it also requires the user to pay the higher fee. Subscribers who want to keep their current pricing will be denied access to the greater DVR time. This choice is voluntary, since Philo will offer locked-in members the opportunity to upgrade to the lengthier recording duration, however their monthly fee will also increase to the increased rate.

Philo (source)

The “new channels on philo” is a price increase that will be implemented by the company. The new prices are as follows: $25 for an individual plan, $40 for a family plan, and $60 for a business plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Philo subscription go up?

A: Philo is a network of television channels. Their content was acquired by AMC Networks as part of the merger, and an increase in programming costs as well as subscribers made it necessary to raise their subscription rates for some customers.

Is Philo really $20 a month?

A: Yes, Philo is $20 a month and you can cancel anytime.

Are there any hidden fees with Philo?

A: No, there are not any hidden fees with Philo. You can check our website for pricing and details on deals that might be going on.

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