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Top 10 Desitorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites of 2020

With censorship on the rise, VPN subnets are becoming more popular than ever. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best torrenting proxies for 2020

The “top 10 torrenting sites 2020” is the list of the top 10 desitorrents proxy and mirror sites. The list includes a variety of different websites that allow users to download torrents.

DesiTorrents is a well-known torrenting service that needs no introduction to Torrenteers all around the globe. The site offers a massive selection of torrenting items, including movies, TV episodes, PDFs, Pirated Games, Apps, and more. In fact, many individuals throughout the world rely only on DesiTorrents to download practically everything. The private torrent tracker in India has been operational for over a decade. There was also a forum with intriguing topics, incredible giveaways, lessons, contests, tracker news, free seedboxes, and more!

Is DesiTorrents a no-go zone?

Several people throughout the world have reported being unable to access to the site in their respective areas. If you’re having similar issues, it’s possible that your ISPs or government organizations are blocking Desitorrents. Many nations have put bans on all torrent sites, therefore DesiTorrents may face similar problems. However, we were able to access to the website via VPNs and proxy sites, indicating that it is still operational.

How can I get into DesiTorrents?

You are one of many individuals who have the same question as you. Many tips and methods may be found on the internet, particularly on forum dashboards. Some users propose utilizing VPN software, while others suggest using a web proxy to view the DT site’s content. However, we advocate utilizing Desitorrents Proxy and Mirror sites instead of VPNs since VPNs slow down your internet connection and you may not be able to download material from torrent websites at a satisfactory pace.

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The websites listed below are some of the most trusted Desitorrents Proxy and Mirror websites that will unblock the Desitorrents torrent site.

2020 Desitorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites

Disclaimer: We are not in favor of piracy. This material is provided only for educational reasons.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that Desitorrents is banned, you may still access the website and its material for free. All you need is a safe web browser and a reliable internet connection. To get access to Desitorrent, go to any of the aforementioned Desitorrents Proxy and Mirror sites, and it will automatically circumvent the network’s prohibition.

Are you satisfied with our list of the finest Desitorrents proxy and mirror sites? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below, or recommend any additional torrenting sites that you would want us to include in future postings.

Alternatives to GoGoAnime may be found here.

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YIFY Proxy is a website where you can learn more about YIFY.

The “desitorrents invite” is a proxy and mirror site that allows users to view the top 10 desitorrents. The list of desitorrents on this website changes every day.

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