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The latest season of the Premier League has come to a close, and that means it is time for the next big tournament in sports – The FIFA World Cup! From high-flying football anime like Captain Tsubasa and Hajime no Ippo, to emotional stories of perseverance told through real life characters like One Piece. 。

The “football anime with superpowers” is a term that describes an anime that has football as the main focus of the plot. The top 7 best football anime are listed below.

Football has become an inextricably linked aspect of some of our lives. To get delight and satisfaction, hardcore football fans avidly watch games, teams, and famous players. And I’m quite sure this has been our lives since we were kids for many of us. We may have seen our parents obsess about this sport as children, and this instilled a passion for it in us as well. A hardcore football match is unrivaled in terms of raw fun and exhilaration. And if you’re an anime fan who also enjoys football, odds are you’ll go out of your way to seek out anime with soccer as its core focus.

So, to assist you in your search, I’ve compiled a list of the best football anime choices for you! To help you locate your next catch, I’ve compiled a list of some of the finest anime about soccer that has ever existed. Some of these anime are well-known, while others are not so well-known on the surface, yet they have managed to hold viewers’ interest for a long time and continue to do so to this day.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the finest football anime currently available!

The Top 7 Football Anime Series of All Time

Eleventh Inazuma

This football animation is based on the same-named video game by Level-5. The story revolves on Endou Mamoru, a fiery Raimon Jr High goalie who plays on a team with six other players. However, the squad has been warned that if they do not win a match against Teikoku Gakuen, Japan’s top football club, they would be disbanded. This motivates Mamoru to rally four more players and wage war on Teikoku High in order to rescue the squad. 


In the second season, Endou and his squad must assemble players in order to win a match against a new group of opponents, Aliea Gakuen, a rival football club. The introduction of the Football Frontier International and the assembling of Inazuma Japan, coached by Kudou Michiya, are the highlights of the third season.

Inazuma Eleven is regarded as one of the greatest soccer anime series of all time, with a global fan base. The anime and manga series are equally as popular as video games, and they have gotten a lot of attention in the anime and manga community. This football animation is available on Netflix in both subtitled and dubbed English versions.

Tsubasa, Captain

Captain Tsubasa is a classic and possibly the most well-known and popular football anime ever made. Tsubasa Oozora, an 11-year-old primary school kid with a love for football, is at the center of the story. He hopes to one day bring the FIFA World Cup to Japan. Tsubasa, a soccer prodigy, lives with his mother while his father, a sea captain, travels the world. He has astonished everyone who has seen him play since he was a little boy with his remarkable footwork abilities, dribbling skills, endurance, and shot power.


Tsubasa meets other kids his age who play football and are enthusiastic about the sport when he and his mother relocate to Nankatsu, a fictitious town in the Shizuoka Prefecture. He also meets Roberto Hongo, a Brazilian football legend who mentors and trains the youngster. 

Captain Tsubasa is a classic football animation that continues to be adored by fans all around the world. This realistic football animation depicts the desires and goals of a young footballer who want to bring the World Cup back to his homeland. Many of us may relate to this since we all have personal goals that we want to achieve one day. This anime may be found on Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV, and other major anime streaming sites.

Killing Giants

This raunchy sports animation is based on the same-named manga. East Tokyo United, or ETU, is a struggling squad in Japan’s premier football league, and the 26-episode series follows them. It has done all within its ability to escape relegation. But, as they say, sorrow loves company, and supporters have begun to quit their once-favorite football club. As a final resort, ETU has engaged Tatsumi Takeshi, one of anime’s top players, as a new football coach. Despite having given up the game years previously, he proved to be an excellent manager of a lower league amateur side in England.  


Tatsumi is tasked with pulling ETU out of the rabbit hole it has fallen into, thanks to his years of expertise and sheer ability. They do, however, face clubs with greater players and more finances. Is he going to be able to pull the squad out of the shadows?

Giant Killing is a fantastic football anime with interesting characters. I like the manga so much that I decided to try the anime as well. And, oh my, was I blown away. I strongly advise all football enthusiasts to see this anime because I am certain they will not be disappointed. At the same time, you’ll fall in love with the characters as you follow their journey to become some of anime’s most powerful footballers.


Sho Kazamatsuri, a middle-schooler, is the protagonist of this football anime. He transfers from Musashinomori School to SakuraJosui Junior High School in the hopes of joining the soccer team, after he was denied a spot on his previous school’s squad due to his height. 


However, Sho’s new instructor, Yuko Katori, presents him as a former Musashinomori squad member, causing his students to go insane. However, one of the players, Tatsuya Mizuno, blows the cover off shortly after, revealing the truth about Sho. Since he was never given the opportunity to play, it turns out that he is a lousy player. 

As Sho works to improve his talents in order to make the soccer squad at his new school, we are taken on an uplifting journey of a young child defying the obstacles to achieve his goals. Whistle! is one of the finest football anime I’ve ever seen, and it should surely be on my list of football anime recommendations. 

Begin with a Ginga e Kickoff!

Sho Ota, a sixth-grader in charge of recruiting new players for the Momotaro Predators after his squad was dissolved, stars in this football anime. Even though Sho isn’t very gifted at the game, he is devoted to it, which drives him to continue doing what he does. He also hopes to play professional football in the future.


In the soccer anime Ginga e Kickoff, there is also a female character. Erika Takatou is a former ace of the Namba Dandelions. Other female characters in Momotaro Predators include Reika Saionji and Misaki Shimizu. Normally, only a small percentage of sports anime contain female protagonists; nevertheless, this anime is an exception when it comes to defying conventions. This also lends this football animation a feminist bent, earning it a spot on my list of recommendations.

Fever for soccer

This series offers a look back at the FIFA World Cup. Brian Thompson, an ex-reporter who also happens to be the series’ hero, tells the narrative. From 1930, when the inaugural selection was held in Uruguay, until 1994, when it was ultimately held in the United States, the series started.


The novel perfectly depicts Thompson’s life from childhood through maturity, culminating in his profession as a well-known sports writer. We also see great players such as Franz Beckenbauer, Muller Gard, Eusebio, and the iconic Pele battling it out on the pitch. 

Soccer Fever is a realistic football anime that will transport viewers back to a period when football was at its pinnacle and all of the great were battling it out to deliver their respective nations the World Cup. This football anime is a must-see for all serious lovers of the game who have followed it for a long time.

Moero! Striker of the Year 

Moero! Top Striker is an out-of-the-box football animation in which the protagonist is a Japanese foreign student who leads a squad. The narrative is broken into three sections: the first, “Columbus,” the second, “Selection of Genoa,” and the third, “Jupiter Wings.”


The plot is set against the background of the 1991 Gulf War. The “500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus” in 1992 is another historical factor stated in the novel, which pretty much implies that the main character Hikaru Kikkawa belongs to “Columbus” and is based in Genoa.

The tale follows Hikaru, an international student in Italy, as he rises through the ranks of the country’s junior football league. This is one of the few animes that includes a Japanese student as the main character in an international setting, therefore it warrants a position on my list of recommendations.

Last Thoughts

If you are already a fan of the sport, sports anime, particularly football anime, may be quite exciting. My favorite element of sports anime is how it highlights the protagonist’s unwavering devotion to their chosen topic, and how they are willing to go to any length to achieve their aspirations and objectives (quite literally in this case). This is the main reason I’m such a huge fan of sports anime in general, and football anime in particular fulfills all of my thrill and adrenaline demands.

You may watch a variety of football anime on anime streaming sites, where they are plentiful. What’s the next football anime you’re going to watch? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best football cartoon in the world?

A: The best football cartoon in the world is currently Tom and Jerry.

Who is the best anime soccer player?

Kagamihara Issei from High School DxD.

Is there any anime about football?

A: There is not currently any anime about football but there are a lot of movies and novels that feature the sport. Some examples include Goal! The Dream Begins, Laxius Force, A Match Made in Heaven.

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