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7 Anime that are banned worldwide for shocking reasons – Geekymint

With the increase in anime and manga popularity, artists have been challenged to come up with ever-more shocking material. These risky titles are banned from some countries because they were deemed too violent or sexually explicit. Other reasons include religious references that could cause offense.

The “anime banned in japan” is a list of anime that are banned worldwide for shocking reasons. The list includes 7 anime that were banned due to their content, such as incest and rape.

It is well known that anime and manga are not all rainbows and sparkles, and that they often dive into deeper and darker seas. But did you know that certain anime has been judged so horrific by authorities in some nations that they have been officially prohibited in such countries? Even if they are popular in every other area of the globe, certain governments aren’t having it with the “wrong” material.


In today’s essay, I’ll go through some of the banned anime from across the globe and discuss how they got there. One of these anime series has been outlawed all over the globe. So, without further ado, let’s delve right into the realm of prohibited anime. Some of these prohibitions may even surprise you!

Anime that has been banned across the world

Tsubaki Shoujo (Banned Worldwide)

This is, without a doubt, the most terrifying banned anime ever. The concepts, narrative, and visuals are so terrible that they have been outlawed worldwide. Isn’t it incredible? So, how can an anime be so explicit and gory that it’s banned all across the world? 


Shoujo Tsubaki is a very gloomy and sad plot. The plot follows a young girl who becomes engaged in a freak show, which results in her being severely abused and humiliated. She seeks consolation from a mysterious dwarf magician, who grooms, assaults, and abuses her. This forbidden anime film is deemed “lost” since multiple copies were burned by fans as soon as it was released due to its gruesome nature. I went around hunting for it because I was intrigued, and I can guarantee you that it is the most distressing anime film I’ve ever seen. I strongly advise you to avoid viewing this, particularly if you are impressionable.

Note of Death (Banned in China)

China has outlawed one of the most popular anime and manga series in history. What may be the rationale for its prohibition? Let’s take a closer look.


If you’re a Death Note enthusiast like myself, you’re surely familiar with the story of a young high-school kid who discovers the Death Note, a lethal notebook capable of murdering anybody whose name is written in it. It has been prohibited in China because of its terrible themes such as death, justice, murder, and so on. What got Death Note banned was the real-life occurrences prompted by the anime, not the gloomy themes of the anime. Children started to create their own Death Notes, in which they included the names of their adversaries or persons they disliked. Of course, it all seems to be a little silly, but China isn’t fooling around!

DxD High School (Banned in New Zealand)

Although High School DxD is a very popular show, it has a reputation for being overtly sexual, with graphic nudity and sexual scenes. It is, after all, a standard harem anime. The characters are also fairly young, implying that television is sexualizing youngsters. 


These are the only reasons why New Zealand banned this anime, claiming that it contains child pornography and sexually abuses children. The anime’s main character, a high-school kid, is also rather lecherous, which the nation seemed to be influencing its younger fans. The plot revolves on a wicked high-school kid who fantasizes about being in a harem and is eventually murdered by his date. Later, he is resurrected as a demon and assigned to serve a female demon and her family.

Titan is under attack (Banned in China)

Another famous anime that has been banned in China is Attack on Titan. Whoof! When it comes to outlawing anime, China isn’t fooling around, is it? True, Attack on Titan has some very brutal situations and sequences, such as being devoured alive by colossal humanoid beings known as Titans. The program is well-known for its gore, which may easily give the faint of heart nightmares. 


However, this was not the primary basis for China’s prohibition. The show’s themes of revolting against authority are an issue for the nation, which is rigidly far-left. Furthermore, it has been said that the civilizations discussed in the program draw startling similarities between Japan and China relations. Was this a conscious decision on the part of the show’s creators? Is it possible that this is just a coincidence? It is up to you to determine whether or not you have seen the program. In any case, China banned this gem of a program due to “societal concerns.”

Pokemon is a fictional character created by the (Banned in Saudi Arabia)

Pokemon is arguably the most innocent program I’ve ever seen since I was a kid. Despite this, the prohibition legislation in Saudi Arabia was not passed. Why is it the case? In my perspective, the reasons are bizarre. The decision to prohibit was made by the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, which is a very religious and conservative nation. 


These officials saw the children’s activity as a type of gambling, which was incompatible with their faith and culture. But wait, there’s more. Saudi Arabian officials, it seems, believe in the conspiracy idea that evolution isn’t true, and this program somehow reinforces that belief. In addition, the show’s emblems advocated both Shintoism (a Japanese religion) and Christianity. All I have to say is that Saudi Arabian authorities seem very…. You can figure out the term for yourself!

Axis Powers in Hetalia (Banned in South Korea)

Hetalia is notorious for its stereotyped caricatures based on nations and unpleasant comedy, but South Korea took it to a whole new level. Every character in the program symbolizes many nations throughout the globe, as well as Japan’s idealized connection with them in contrast to its military past during World War II.


South Korea, on the other hand, was not convinced. Rather, they were offended by SK’s role in the show. The way their character’s hanbok was drawn and how their attitude was represented really offended the nation (in the show SK has a lecherous personality). They also brought up the character’s connection with Japan’s character, which is noteworthy considering the two nations’ tumultuous past. Studio Deen erased any references to South Korea from the anime in order to get around the ban. As a result, South Korean anime fans may still enjoy the show without having to deal with this character.

Osumatsu-San is a character in the anime series Osumatsu-S (Banned in Japan)

This anime is one of the most heavily censored in Japan. Few parts and sequences in the anime seem to be in violation of Japan’s strict copyright regulations. Because of the anime’s many parody scenes and sequences, it was severely censored by the country’s parody laws. 


This legislation allows Japan to prohibit any programs that violate its regulations and endanger the country’s integrity. The legislation requires that anything considered objectionable be taken down. Simultaneously, the anime has been characterized as a “high-tension comedy” that chronicles the lives of six naughty brothers as they embark on adventures and attempt to escape from difficult circumstances.

Last Thoughts

If you ask my view, I feel that no type of media, including anime, novels, TV series, movies, and other forms of entertainment, should be prohibited. Because restricting and banning a specific work of fiction clearly violates fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and expression. No matter how harsh or contentious a piece of literature is, prohibiting it is not the answer since it undermines the essential nature of communication, which is the right to express oneself. Rather, material with brutal themes might be restricted to a certain age range. Only information that encourages violence against a specific group of people or sexual deviances should be heavily denounced and prohibited. 

Do you know of any other anime that has been banned? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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The “Why is death note banned in russia” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is that it was banned due to its graphic content and violence. Reference: why is death note banned in russia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which anime is banned in world?

A: Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions that Sony fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

Why is Tokyo Ghoul banned?

A: Tokyo Ghoul is banned because it has been found to contain content which Sony Interactive Entertainment considers offensive.

Why is Midori anime banned?

A: Midori anime is banned in Japan because its deemed to be too perverted and violent.

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