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How To Convert Excel To PDF [2021]: 17 Amazing Ways

If you are an Excel user, then it is always a good idea to convert your workbooks to PDFs so that you can easily share them with others. This article will show you how to do just that.

The how to convert excel to pdf without losing formatting is a problem that many Excel users face. Luckily, there are 17 amazing ways to fix the issue.

Do you want to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF document? Are you on the lookout for the finest tool for the job? Don’t worry, you’ve arrived to the correct location. This post will show you the finest online, offline, free, and paid solutions for converting Excel to PDF with ease. Simply browse through them and choose the finest one.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to organize data into rows and columns. Formulae may also be used to compute the values. These spreadsheets are often used to store and arrange data for payroll, bookkeeping, and other purposes. With the assistance of supplied data, you may create pie charts and graphs. It’s compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, and a variety of other platforms.

There is no such thing as a portable document format (PDF). When you don’t want people to make modifications to your document but still need to share and print it, you’ll need to convert it to a PDF document. After the file has been converted to PDF format, you may password secure it.

Hint: We’ve included paid techniques that use Adobe Acrobat DC and Wondershare PDFelement in addition to the free ones. If you regularly deal with PDF files, these premium solutions are the best way to get the job done. I prefer the Wondersahre PDFelement approach over the other two since it is a paid solution that allows you to accomplish the job in easy stages. This is not a free approach, but it is less expensive than Acrobat DC and comes with a lifetime license.

Offline Excel to PDF converters – free and paid

1. PDFelement by Wondershare (Recomended)

Wondershare PDFelement is the most cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC. It’s the easiest and quickest way to convert PDF to other formats and vice versa. You may also convert a large number of files at once.

How can I use Wondershare PDFelement to convert Excel to PDF?


In this part, you’ll learn how to use Wondershare PDFelement to convert Excel to PDF.

5 minutes in total

79 USD is the estimated cost.



PDFconverter is a program that converts PDF files into other formats.

Adobe Acrobat DC is a premium version of Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat DC is the finest tool for quickly working with PDFs. Without losing data, you may convert to and from PDF files. However, it is more costly. Edit, sign papers, organize, secure, and standardize your files are just a few of the capabilities available.

Adobe Acrobat DC features

  • PDf files may be converted to other formats and vice versa.
  • Most popular file types are supported, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG.
  • It’s not as difficult as you may believe to create and modify PDF files.
  • You may easily share the PDF file created by the program.
  • Protect the document from being copied.
  • Submit a signature request.

How can I use Adobe Acrobat DC to convert Excel to PDF?

  • Adobe Acrobat DC may be purchased and downloaded from the company’s official website. Install it on your computer or mobile device.
  • Open the Excel sheet with any version of the MS Excel program. Under Acrobat, choose the “Create PDF” option.
  • On the screen, an Acrobat PDF creator prompt will display.
  • Choose the Conversion range and paper size that best suits your needs.
  • Finally, choose the option to “convert to PDF.”
  • Save As a result, a window will appear. Enter the text you want and save it.


3. PDF Converter Pro by Wondershare

One of the Wondershare family’s utilities is Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. It mostly works with PDF documents. It transforms any file to PDF and the other way around. Although it is a paid tool, you may utilize the free version. Let’s have a look at how to put it to use.

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro has the following features:

  • With the assistance of OCR, convert scanned PDF files to editable PDF, Word, Excel, TXT files, and other formats.
  • Protect PDF files by encrypting them.
  • It’s simple to edit, generate, and sign PDF files.
  • Convert PDF to other common formats and vice versa with no loss of quality.
  • Consolidate several PDF files into a single document.

How can I use Wondershare PDF Converter Pro to convert Excel to PDF?

Step 1: Go to Wondershare’s official website and download and install Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. Its pro edition costs $59.9 for a lifetime license.

Step 2: Open the Wondershare PDF Converter Pro software on your device. On the left side pane, you’ll see a number of choices. Choose “File to PDF” from the drop-down menu. To upload files, drag & drop the excel sheet into the main interface, or click the add sign.


Step 3: The files you’ve uploaded will show up on the screen. If you wish to upload another file, go to the top right and choose “Add file.” Finally, choose the output folder and press the convert button.


The size of the file determines how long it takes to convert it. The file will appear in the output folder you chose after the conversion is complete.

4. Office of the WPS

WPS Office is a powerful program that works with Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats. It is compatible with a variety of systems, including Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and the web. The premium edition of WPS Office is available for $29.99 a year.

WPS Office has the following features:

  • There are many templates to choose from that may be customized.
  • Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Google Docs are all very compatible with it.
  • On Windows, there are eight different languages available, while on Android, there are 48.
  • Text may be easily extracted from pictures.
  • It offers 1 GB of free cloud storage for your stuff.
  • Convert a large number of Excel sheets quickly and correctly.

How can I use WPS Office to convert Excel to PDF?

Step 1: Go to WPS Office’s official website and download and install it. To upload the Excel sheet, open WPS office and choose the Open option from the left side window.

Step 2: The document you just uploaded will appear on the screen. Make whatever adjustments you like. Select “Export to PDF” from the “Menu” menu.


Step 3: A popup titled “Export to PDF” will appear on the screen. To add files, go to the top left and click “Add.” Choose an output location and an export type, then click “Export to PDF.”


  • The premium edition of WPS Office is available for $29.99 a year.

5. Use Foxit program to convert Excel to PDF.

Use MS Word or Excel to enter your information.

Go to File -> Save As -> Select Print -> As seen in the first picture, click on print.

The printing window will appear. Select “Foxit Reader PDF printer” from the drop-down menu next to the printer name (this is what you installed). If you install any other printer software, the name of that printer will appear here). Then press OK.

Save When the window is opened, At the top, choose your destination folder, enter the file name, and then click Save.




5.1. Directly convert Excel to PDF using Foxit software

It’s a pretty straightforward procedure.

Make sure the word and excel plugins are checked in the choose components box while installing “Foxit reader,” as shown below.


The straight conversion option in Word and Excel may be found in the aforementioned plugins.

Now open a document in Word or Excel.

The “Foxit reader PDF” option may be found at the top, as seen below; just click on it to be led through the process of saving a PDF document.


6.Using Batch Excel to PDF Converter to Convert Multiple Excel Files to PDFs in Bulk

Batch Excel to PDF Converter is a free Excel to PDF converter with a number of sophisticated settings to meet the requirements of users. It supports all common worksheet formats, including XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, XML, and more.

Despite the fact that the most recent version of MS Excel has a function that allows users to export a workbook as a PDF file, converting hundreds of Excel files to PDF documents is still a hassle.

This application can convert every single worksheet in an Excel file to a distinct PDF, or combine all Excel workbooks and files into one single PDF, unlike other converters that simply convert each Excel file to a PDF. It also enables users to turn each worksheet into a single PDF page. When users need to merge documents and data, or print workbooks and files in bulk, these capabilities come in handy.


* Bulk Convert Excel XLSX/XLS Files to PDF * Convert Single Excel Worksheet to PDF * Combine and Convert Multiple Excel Spreadsheets & Files into One Single PDF * Convert and Fit Each Excel Worksheet onto One PDF Page * Support Owner Password & Open Password Protection * Support ODS and CSV Formats * Support Change PDF Paper Size and Orientation * Does not need MS Office or Excel to convert WORD DOC/DOCX and PowerPoint PPTX/PPT formats to PDF Multi-language

Step 1: Get the Batch Excel To PDF Converter software.

Install Batch Excel to PDF Converter on your Windows computer and start it.

Add Excel Files in Step 2


Drag and drop your Excel XLS/XLSX files into the Batch Excel to PDF Converter file list, or choose Excel files from the open dialog by clicking the “+” button.

Set Page Options and Output Path in Step 3


Set the page size and orientation under the Page Size and Page Orientation settings, and then click the “Browse” button to choose the output path.

Start Converting Excel Files to PDFs in Step 4


To begin converting Excel files to PDFs, click the large “Start Now” button. After the conversion is complete, you will be able to view the result files right away.

Apowersoft PDFConverter is number seven on the list.

Apowersoft PDFconverter is a fantastic free application for converting files and pictures to a variety of different formats. You can easily convert PDF to other formats and vice versa.

Apowersoft PDFconverter has the following features:

  • Batch conversion may be completed in the blink of an eye.
  • You can quickly merge, divide, compress, and extract pages from PDF files.
  • The PDF files may be protected and unprotected.
  • It’s also possible to convert voice to text.

How can I use Apowersoft PDF Converter to convert Excel to PDf?

Step 1: Using any online browser, download and install the Apowersoft PDF converter from its official website. After the installation is complete, open the application. As seen in the image below, the home screen will display.


Step 2: Select “Convert to PDF” from the drop-down menu. You’ll be sent to a new page. Select the “Excel to PDF” option from the “To PDF” menu. From your device, upload “Excel files.”


Step 3: The folders that have been uploaded will show on the screen. To add another file, click “Add files.” Finally, click the convert option after selecting the output path.


8. PDF to Icecream Converter

Using the IceCream PDF converter, converting Excel to PDF is a breeze. The methods to convert Excel to PDF using Icecream PDF are shown below.

Icecream PDFconverter has the following features:

  • Convert Excel to PDF quickly and easily.
  • Convert PDFs quickly and easily using this simple tool.
  • An easy-to-use UI.

How can I use Icecream PDFconverter to convert Excel to PDF?

  • IceCream PDF Converter is a free program that can be downloaded and installed.
  • Start the program and choose “To PDF” from the main menu.
  • On the screen, there will be an open window. At a time, choose ” one more file. Icecream PDF Converter’s free edition enables you to convert three files at once.
  • Finally, choose the output folder and press the “Convert” button.


MS Excel (version 9)

MS Excel makes converting Excel to PDF a breeze. All you have to do now is

  • MS Excel is used to open the Excel file. At the upper left corner, choose the “File” option.


  • Select PDF as the Save Type from the “Save As” menu. Finally, choose “Save” from the drop-down menu.


How to Convert Excel to PDF for Free on the Internet

There are many online programs for converting any file format to PDF. Below is a list of some of the finest internet tools. Using online tools to convert Excel to PDF is almost same. Let’s have a look at how each tool works.

1. Zamzar

Zamzar is a fantastic online application that allows you to convert to PDF and convert from PDF to other popular formats in a matter of seconds. It just takes three steps to accomplish your job. Let’s have a look at how to put it to use.

How can I use Zamzar to convert Excel to PDF?

Step 1: Open any web browser and go to the Zamzar official site or click on the link. To upload the Excel sheet from your local storage, go to the main page and select the “Add files” option.


Step 2: Under document formats, choose PDF as the file’s output format.


Step 3: Select convert from the drop-down menu. It has now begun converting files. When the conversion is finished, choose the Download option to save the file to your device.


iLovePDF is the second option.

Step 1: Go to the official iLovePDF website. To upload spreadsheet files, choose the “Select Excel Files” option. You may also use Google Drive and Dropbox to upload excel sheets.


Step 2: The files you’ve uploaded will show up on the screen. If you wish to add additional files, go to the right top and touch the + sign. Now choose “Convert to PDF” from the drop-down menu.


Step 3: When the conversion is finished, you’ll be sent to the download page. Finally, choose “Download” to save it to your computer.


3. PDF of Soda

Visit the official SoadPDF excel to PDF converter website or just click on the link. When you click “Choose files,” a new window will open on the screen. Select the excel sheet that you wish to convert and then click Open.


The uploaded fie begins to convert. You will be redirected to the download page once the conversion procedure is complete. To see and modify the file, choose the preview file option. Finally, choose “Download.” That’s it…


4. PDF Small

Using any online browser, go to the official SmallPDF excel to PDF converter website. To upload excel sheets, choose “Select files” from the drop-down menu. At a time, you may choose one or more excel sheets.


When you upload a file, the converting process begins automatically. With the Download option, the converted file will be shown on the screen for preview. Finally, choose “Download.”


freepdfconverter is number five on the list.

Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to convert an Excel sheet to PDF format in detail.

Using any online browser, go to the official site of freepdfconverter. The home screen will appear as seen in the picture below.


The conversion process begins after the file is uploaded. Finally, choose the download option to save the file to your computer or mobile device.



Using any online browser, go to the official PDF2GO Excel to PDF converter website or click on the link. Convert Excel files to PDF by uploading them. You may upload files from a variety of sources, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and a URL. Once the file has been uploaded, go to the bottom of the page and choose the start option.


It kicks off the conversion procedure. It will automatically download the converted file once the procedure is finished. Otherwise, choose “Donwload.”

7. DocFly

DocFly is an online application that properly converts Excel files to PDF. It provides excellent security for the files you submit. To use DocFly to convert Excel to PDF, follow the instructions below.

  • Using any online browser, go to the official DocFly Excel to PDF converter website.
  • You may upload any Microsoft Excel sheets you desire.
  • You can see both the Excel and PDF files on the screen after the conversion procedure is finished.
  • Check the PDF file box, then go to the top of the page and choose “Export” and “Downlaod.”


Online2PDF is number eight.

ONline2PDF is a simple application for converting Excel sheets to PDF. It also makes it simple to convert pictures, compress big files, safeguard data, and more.

  • Using any online browser, open the official pae of Online2PDF.
  • To upload Excel sheets, go to File > Select File.
  • Finally, choose Convert from the drop-down menu.


Last Thoughts:

To convert Excel to PDF, you may use a variety of online and offline applications. We’ve compiled a list of the finest paid, online, and offline utilities from among them. You may test the free version of the tool before purchasing the premium version to see whether it works properly.

Use the free or online tool if you seldom deal with PDF files. Otherwise, the premium version is the way to go. Our best recommendation is Wondershare PDFelement, which is less expensive than Adobe Acrobat DC.

I hope that this article taught you how to convert Excel to PDF. If you have anything to add, please do it in the comment areas. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and subscribe to WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more technical advice.

How can I convert Excel to PDF? – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it feasible to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF document?

Yes. Converting Excel to PDF is feasible.

Which tool is the most effective for converting Excel to PDF?

When it comes to working with PDFs, Wondershare PDFelement is always our first option. With only two clicks, you may convert Excel to PDF.

What is the best way to convert Excel to PDF online?

Zamzar is the finest online Excel to PDF converter.

Is it possible to convert Excel to PDF using Microsoft Excel?

Yes. MS Excel is used to open the Excel sheet. Save As from the File menu. Choose PDF as the saving type >save.

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The convert excel to pdf online is a process that many people have been using for years. The conversion process has allowed users to create PDF files from Excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert Excel to PDF fast?

Im sorry, but I cannot answer that.

How do I convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file?

You can use the Save as PDF option in Microsoft Excel.

How do I convert Excel to PDF on Macbook?

You can use a free program called XLS2PDF.

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