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Best coloring apps for Android and iOS (2021)

Coloring apps are the latest craze, with more than 500 million downloads in 2018 alone. The trend is expected to continue as new technologies like AR and AI make coloring apps more immersive.

The best free coloring apps for android is a question that has been asked many times in the past. In 2021, there are still no definitive answers.

Thousands of adults like sketching. After a person has drawn anything on the canvas, he or she may wish to color it in. It’s not simple to make new colors by combining two or more hues. You’ll have to discard the new hue if blending doesn’t give the desired result. Creating the right hue takes months, if not years, of practice. Users will take their prints or frame the artwork after it is finished.

You may use a coloring software on your Android or iOS smartphone instead of spending money on hardcopy coloring sheets, taking prints, or learning to combine colors. Why would you want to utilize an application? Apps, on the other hand, can handle millions of colors. You may view a palette of different kinds of colors or a color chooser tool by tapping on a button. All you have to do now is choose a color and touch it on the drawing section to fill it in. If you don’t like the hue, you can change it with a few button presses.

Apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android that are great for color



Colorfit is a popular coloring application for Android phones and tablets. It displays a list of pages that you may color or open. This application’s pictures may be password-protected. You’ll have to pay gems to get them. Each diamond has a value of ten points. You will get two diamonds if you sign up for Colorfit. Colorfit’s pages are divided into seven categories:

  • Animals, birds, butterly, and jubilation are all words that come to me when I think of the word “freedom.”
  • Fantasy, flowers and plants, the future, and a child.
  • Patterns, landscapes, messages, mandalas, oceans, and more.

There are many images in each category. If you don’t like these pictures, you may use Colorfit’s built-in sketching tool to create your own coloring pages. What benefits does this tool provide? Colorfit has 16 different brush options. It allows you to undo/redo the previous action as well as reset the canvas.

Colorful Picsart

Picsart Color

Picsart is an Android and iOS adult coloring book. It includes a canvas on which you may put your coloring talents to the test. Picsart, like the last software, can fill an enclosed drawing with whatever color you choose. Users may create shapes and alter their sizes in Picsart by swiping two fingers over the screen at the same time. Flowers, faces, animals, figures, mountains, and a variety of other objects may be placed on the canvas using the program. It comes with brushes in 16 different types and the ability to fill the drawing with patterns, designs, and other elements.



Colorfy has hundreds of coloring pages that you can choose from, color, and share with other Colorfy users. You may also look at the work of other people. Colorfry palettes, like pages, are organized into categories. Colorfy’s left/right pointing arrow may be used to alter the category. You may make a mandala using this software. It also allows you to color a sketch by taking a photo of it. Colorfy enables users to make attractive messages using smileys, drawing patterns, and other elements.



There are more than 60 free pictures to color. To see these photos, go to the “Free” page. The app’s other tabs contain “Premium” artwork. Coloring will allow you to color an image once you have downloaded it simply touching on it. An eraser and a color picker are included in this program. A color palette is also included. You have the option of creating a custom color palette with whatever colors you choose. Users may follow other app users and see what they’ve shared by coloring. It has a spray and a brush tool.

Adults’ Coloring Books

Coloring Books for adults

CBA is an excellent alternative to the apps mentioned above. It saves your work to a folder called “My Work.” It comes with a “design” building tool that generates designs automatically from the shapes you choose. After you’ve selected a form and tapped on the screen, you may change the shape of the design by swiping your finger over the screen.

Coloring Book of Animals

Animal Coloring Book

ACB is a free smartphone coloring game where you may color insects, animals, birds, animal faces, and sea creatures. When you choose a category, ACB will open a canvas with a painting on it. This software also includes a collection of tools, as well as colored pencils and the operations that ACB enables. When you touch the pencil twice, it reveals the color hues. To color the picture, choose a colour and swipe on the screen.

From photograph to coloring book

Photo To Coloring book

This software takes images that you or others have created and transforms them to digital format, allowing you to recolor them. Edge detection and pencil drawing are two conversion techniques supported by PTCB. You may also use this app to create a new picture by clicking the “Start a blank drawing” option on the main screen of the PTCB.

Premium Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book Premium

Many free coloring sheets may be found on the ACBP website. Every 24 to 40 hours, it is refreshed with new pictures. The illustrations are lovely, and you’ll like coloring them. The images in ACBP are divided into ten or more categories. ACBP, like some of the other applications I’ve mentioned, saves the picture to your phone and opens it in its tiny photo editor. Below the canvas, the editor displays a color pallet. It also gives you the ability to zoom in on the image. You may share your colored picture with other app users and see what they’ve done.

Note: Some of the apps I’ve provided contain complicated graphics. As a result, you’ll have to spend some time coloring them.

Finally, coloring is an activity that may keep children of all ages, as well as adults, occupied. If you want to play with colors, pass the time, or keep your child occupied, use one of the apps listed above.

The best free coloring apps for apple pencil is a new trend in the world of technology. With more and more people using Apple Pencils, there are now many options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Colouring app for Android?

The best app for Colouring is called Colorfy. It is available on the Google Play Store.

Is there a coloring app that you actually color?

Unfortunately, no. There are some coloring apps that offer a free trial but the only way to get them for free is by purchasing them on the app store or getting them through in-app purchases.

What is the best free coloring app for Android?

The best free coloring app for Android is a Toca Boca app called Coloring Book.

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