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The Vivun team’s vision for the future of presales automation

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Vivun is a SaaS company that provides an automated solution for managing presales processes. By unifying the sales stack, Vivun enables an end-to-end experience that increases customer engagement, enhances customer satisfaction and grows customer lifetime value.

Recently, Vivun raised a $35 Million Series B which has helped to expand its reach and resources to fuel its mission – to make presales automation easy and accessible for everyone.

This article will explore Vivun’s vision for the future of presales automation.

Vivun, which offers a SaaS product to automate the management of presales processes, raises $35M Series B led by Menlo Ventures (Michael Vizard/VentureBeat)

Vivun is an automation platform for sales teams to enable their presales process through automation. Founded in 2017, the team has since been aiming to revolutionize sales and to help businesses save time and unlock their potential by increasing self-service capabilities.

At Vivun, we believe that customer expectation will always be on the rise. We want to ensure a unified service level across organisations, regardless of the industry, size or location. Users can easily leverage best practices without complex coding knowledge through our platform and preconfigured apps. We also ensure that all data capture is secure and accessible using cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We are passionate about creating a platform that enables efficient workflows and allows companies worldwide to focus on customer success with less effort from their teams. With our comprehensive suite tools, organizations can automate operations and production tasks effortlessly for enhanced performance, improved cost savings and better connection with customers for long-term sustainability of growth. Our mission is simple: we aim to become a leader in presale automation by leveraging current technologies with amazing experience backed services within any organisation globally.

Overview of the Presales Automation Market

The presales automation market is rapidly growing, driven by the need for businesses to automate their presales processes.

Vivun’s SaaS product has raised $35M Series B to provide the best business automation solutions.

We will dive into the market overview to get an in-depth understanding of the presales automation landscape.

Current market trends

The presales automation market is rapidly growing and changing. According to an analysis of the various trends in the industry, the demand for automation technologies is increasing as companies struggle to cope with time-consuming manual sales processes that are no longer considered efficient or cost-effective. This has opened up opportunities for vendors offering innovative solutions that can improve customer interaction, enhance sales productivity and reduce operational costs.

In addition, the global trend towards digital transformation is forcing enterprises to upgrade their presales processes and integrate them with new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools. As these tools become more commonplace, there is an increased demand for systems that can easily be implemented into legacy sales applications and environments.

The focus on improving customer experience is also driving innovation in this market. Vendors are developing intelligent automated systems to enable contact centers to respond quickly to customer inquiries while supporting complex tasks such as opportunity qualification, quote customization and fulfillment tracking. They are also utilizing AI-powered analytics to help convert visitors into leads faster by automatically managing prospect interactions in real-time.

Vendors are also deploying various cloud technologies including SaaS platforms, integrated software suites and workflow management systems that extend enablement teams to quickly deliver new versions of their product or service without requiring a complete overhaul of their existing infrastructure. This helps ensure sales teams have all the tools they need quickly at their disposal, leading to more efficient data collection from customers which in turn helps enterprises increase customer acquisition rates over time.

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Challenges and opportunities

The presales automation market is an evolving landscape of challenges and opportunities. While the technology exists to enable sales automation, it’s a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. The right people and processes must be in place to ensure successful outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

The challenge for buyers is finding the best combination of automation technologies that meet their unique needs. They must identify capable partners to support their initiatives and weigh the benefits offered by each vendor accordingly. Additionally, buyers should also consider the scalability of their solutions, as well as the cost impact on their day-to-day operations.

From a vendor’s perspective, the primary challenge lies in delivering suitable products for a diverse customer base with varying technical proficiency. Vendors must face evolving customer expectations and trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning to stay ahead of the competition. To succeed in a rapidly changing market landscape, vendors must continually invest in Automation-as-a-Service platforms or innovative products supported by comprehensive services offerings. Furthermore, they must also be willing to adjust pricing models according to market dynamics while continuing to develop high quality products at competitive costs.

In short, there are boundless opportunities for enterprising vendors if they can maintain a core focus on quality while keeping up with changing customer needs. The presales automation market has already seen tremendous growth over recent years — but if current trends persist it could become one of the most dynamic digital enterprise markets by 2026.

Vivun’s Vision for the Future of Presales Automation

Vivun, a SaaS platform that helps companies automate their presales processes, has recently raised $35M in Series B funding. This funding will help Vivun expand its vision for the future of presales automation.

Vivun’s mission is to make it easier for companies to manage their presales processes with increased accuracy and efficiency. This section will cover Vivun’s vision for the future of presales automation and how the company plans to use its new funding to achieve it.

Automated processes and workflow

Vivun’s vision is to make presales teams more efficient and productive than ever before. Automating processes and workflow won’t just make teams faster, it will also allow them to identify areas of improvement in their current operations. Through automation, Vivun aims to empower presales teams with better insights that can lead to more accurate decisions making, greater customer satisfaction and increased sales opportunities.

Automated workflows become more effective when usage metrics are tracked and combined with the customer journey data. This gives clear insights into how resources are used so that optimisations can be made for better results. In addition, automated workflows can reduce time for mundane tasks by taking over operations such as proposal generation, document reviews and on-boarding new customers, saving time for both customers and presales personnel alike.

By automating all stages of a product demo or demonstration, companies could provide realistic interactions with potential customers within minutes rather than hours or days often associated with manual labour intensive activities. This capability would enable sales teams focusing on providing product value instead of managing heavy administrative tasks while offering customers an experience fit perfectly tailored around their specifications seamlessly within the shortest timeframe possible.

Future iterations of automated presales processes will also go beyond end-to-end implementation management and offer real time adjustability through continuous improvements based on customer feedback to reach the highest degree of service optimisation achievable for maximum efficiency gains.

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Integration of AI and machine learning

The Vivun team’s vision is to make presales automation more accessible and cost effective than ever before. AI and machine learning will be vital in enabling organizations of all sizes to maximize their marketing and sales efforts. Automation of presales tasks like lead qualification and outreach will be automatically managed by intelligent algorithms, resulting in huge amounts of time savings for teams across the board.

By leveraging AI, Vivun can enable teams to deploy personalized campaigns with precision accuracy at scale. APIs can also automate process execution, helping streamline presales operations for efficiency and improved customer experience. Additionally, AI-driven analytics can better understand customer behavior and trigger automated actions in response without sacrificing the human touch.

With powerful tools like predictive models, automated alerting systems, facial recognition technologies, and personalized recommendations all working in tandem, Vivun is making the future of presales automation more engaging for businesses worldwide.

Automated customer segmentation

To expand our vision for presales automation automation, Vivun is focused on developing advanced capabilities that enable automated customer segmentation. This capability would allow companies to better understand their customers and more effectively target them with the right tailored solution at the right time in their buying journey.

Automated customer segmentation would form the basis of targeted presales automation activities. That could include personalized presales content designed to move customers through their buying cycle faster and more efficiently. At the same time, automated segmentation will allow sales teams to better understand customer needs and focus their efforts on higher value opportunities that align with revenue goals.

To deliver such a powerful experience, Vivun is building an integrated suite of presales automation tools within our core technology stack. This includes intuitive analytics for data-driven insights about customers and integrations for creating multi-channel campaigns that target specific segments in an automated fashion. We’re also actively exploring AI and other emerging technologies for automated segmentation and design of personalized experiences for customers. By leveraging emerging technologies in this way, we hope to bring a level of sophistication and insight required by companies pursuing growth through today’s complex sales landscape.

Vivun’s Series B Funding

Vivun, a leader in presales automation, has recently closed its Series B funding round of 35 million dollars. This is a major moment in the company’s development as it looks to expand its SaaS platform which automates presales processes.

Through this investment, Vivun can further its mission of making presales simpler and more effective.

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Overview of the $35M Series B funding

Vivun, the market leading provider of presales automation software and data intelligence, has secured an additional $35M in its Series B funding round. This brings the total equity raised to date by Vivun to $68M.

The investment was led by venture capital firm Felicis Ventures, with participation from leading investors including SaaStr Fund and investor-practitioners such as Frank Slootman, former ServiceNow CEO; Rob Bernshteyn, former CEO of ServiceMax; Adam Boalt, Partner at Greylock Partners; Guy Gilbert, former Beyond Sciences’ CEO & CRO; Annie Lamont, co-founder and managing partner at Oak HC/FT; InterWest Partners and UiPath.

This additional funding accelerates Vivun’s vision to be the leader in presales automation. In addition, it will fuel further development of its product roadmap and scaled sales & marketing initiatives while continuing to build relationships with strategic partners, enabling thousands of sales reps worldwide to close larger deals faster.

The company continues to gain support from industry leaders and customers worldwide who recognize the value Vivun offers in providing an unparalleled presales automation platform that helps increase deal velocity and win rates for sales teams. As part of this round, Interwest Partner partner Matt Howard has joined the Board of Directors for Vivun.

This new financial investment comes as a testament to how much Vivun is transforming how complex services are sold globally in enterprise markets across medical technology services (MedTech), healthcare IT services (HIT), industrial technology services (IndTech) and public sector enterprises – with continued expansion planned into other verticals beyond B2B services organizations.

How the funding will be used

Vivun’s Series B funding will allow us to continue the development of our advanced presales automation platform, reinforcing the concept of “automating presales.” With the infusion of capital, we plan to leverage technology and rapidly bring our novel solutions and solutions-focused-serve to organizations worldwide. The primary goals of this investment are:

● Scaling up our go-to-market capabilities: This includes investing in both our sales & marketing functions. We will hire additional personnel across all departments, from strategy and product management to operations and support services. We’ll also be leveraging various digital channels to further engage customers in existing markets and explore new ones.

● Strengthening research & development: Our research & development plans for 2020 are focused on delivering new products that expand our existing portfolio and enhance customer experiences through innovative solutions that solve business problems with technology. We also plan on introducing AI into Vivun’s platform, allowing customers unmatched flexibility in configuring data requirements from sources outside their agency systems.

● Adapting operations for international growth: As we expand our international presence, one key focus area will be adapting operational capabilities such as increased customer support staff resources and local language documentation for customers around the globe. In addition, we plan on utilizing cloud infrastructure to guarantee reliable, secure performance across geographic boundaries while maintaining reliability by providing 24/7 global customer service support to meet customer demands wherever they may be.

These measures and others ensure that Vivun is well equipped for its growth phase. Ultimately, this funding helps propel us toward a future where manual processes such as lead generation and qualification can become part of a thing of the past – replaced by automated intelligence driven sales tools, freeing up time and stretching resources heretofore unimaginable before Vivun’s arrival onto the scene. Moreover, all new investments go into building an ever stronger solution which helps all our customers alike — allowing them unprecedented time savings which can ultimately result in scale or streamlined business processes or even creative use cases yet dreamed up within their own companies through our various APIs!


To conclude, Vivun has raised a $35M Series B round to develop and expand their SaaS product, automating presales process management. This funding will allow Vivun to continue to innovate and lead the industry in creating the most advanced presales automation solution.

With this financial and technical backing, Vivun’s team is well positioned to continue building and providing the tools for presales teams to maximize efficiencies.

Summary of Vivun’s vision and the potential impact of their Series B funding

Vivun is a SaaS-based platform that aims to transform presales operations into an automated and optimized process. Vivun enables revenue teams to identify customer needs in minutes vs. days, use real-time insights from customer conversations to craft differentiated offerings, and ultimately close deals faster.

As part of its Series B fundraising round, Vivun secured a round of strategic investments from Tier 1 VCs, including Wing VC and Sequoia Capital India. With the injection of additional funding, Vivun aims to scale its operations and product features quickly across the globe. They plan to expand their product portfolio in several areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) for precise segmentation of prospects; content curation for presales teams; data-driven workflow automation; integration support for customer relationship management (CRM) platforms; analytics capabilities with dashboards and KPIs; sales enablement tools like ROI calculators, contract generation & negotiation, coaching & monitoring sales reps etc.; and other custom services requests by clients.

With this new funding and enhanced focus on product innovation & expansion – Vivun looks forward to making a significant impact on the industry as well as tackling massive challenges around enterprise efficiency through automation & optimization of pre-sales processes for every business size – starting from SMBs up to large global Fortune 500 companies. In addition, there is also potential for growth through collaborations with flagship startups & SaaS products operating in adjacent markets such as sales ops & demand gen automation etc. The ultimate goal is make presales more efficient through effective data-driven decisioning thereby helping organizations accelerate their growth goals in today’s highly competitive market environment.

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