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The market for presales engineering platforms

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Vivun recently announced a $35 million series B investment in presales engineering. This investment strongly indicates the high demand for presales engineering platforms for complex sales cycles.

What are presales engineering platforms and why is there such a high demand? This article will overview presales engineering platforms and discuss their importance.

Vivun raises $35 million to advance presales engineering platform

Presales engineering platforms, or PREP, are quickly becoming an important tool for modern sales cycles. PREP tools help sales teams achieve success in the sale by providing technical expertise and support throughout the deal lifecycle. By helping to identify and evaluate customer requirements, guide conversations with prospects and customers, and unify stakeholders within deals, these solutions help empower sales teams to sell smarter, faster and more effectively.

PREP solutions provide the opportunity to build out an effective testing lab environment that allows a prospect to explore product capabilities in a real-world scenario. By leveraging these tools, sales teams can set up on-demand lab environments that allow customers to create custom test scenarios and viewable simulations without costly physical infrastructure investments or specialized setup processes. PREP solutions also provide invaluable support in creating proposals and generating reports on product usage rates and customer expectations.

The market for such solutions offers various options depending on team size, product specifications and desired featuresets – from basic stand-alone installations to enterprise-level cloud services with high scalability options that can match the ever-growing needs of larger organizations. Whether you require basic support for everyday software deployments or looking for an all-inclusive system enabling you to quickly deploy complex products globally — there is certainly something for everyone regarding presales engineering platforms.

Vivun Raises $35 Million to Advance Presales Engineering Platform

Vivun, a leader in the fast-growing presales engineering space, recently announced a $35 million series B funding round. With this capital injection, Vivun plans to expand its suite of tools and platforms to create the most complete suite of existing presales engineering solutions.

Presales engineering is an operational process that utilizes software and other tools to manage complex sales pipelines. Platforms like Vivun help organizations manage their various pre-sale activities while efficiently executing deals without manual effort. This ultimately allows sales teams to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries, close deals faster, and scale faster than ever.

Specifically, Vivun plans to use this new funding to expand its product offerings into international markets and build a network of partners for their platform. Additionally, the proceeds will further develop Vivun’s enterprise AI capabilities for native and external customers. These funds will also help them mature key integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics365 and Adobe Experience Manager that are vital for enterprise sales teams today.

In summary, Vivun’s multimillion dollar series B investment indicates that the company believes in their ambitious vision of transforming the world of presales engineering with powerful platforms that offer innovative solutions while providing ongoing support such customers need on their selling journey.

Market Size and Growth

The digital transformation has drastically increased the demand for presales engineering platforms, resulting in a large market growth in recent years. This has been demonstrated through the recent $35 million raise by Vivun, who are leaders in the presales engineering platform space.

In this section, we will discuss the size of the market and its recent growth trends.

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Global Presales Engineering Platform Market Size and Forecast

The global presales engineering platform market size was estimated at USD 3.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7% from 2019 to 2025. Growing demand for automated management of enterprises due to the rise of companies across small, medium and large scale industries has necessitated an efficient system for customer management and quick handling of customer concerns or queries. The presale engineering platform provides:

  • Omni-channel customer service.
  • Improving customer service.
  • Reducing downtime.
  • Providing users with a personalized experience.

Rising government initiatives to digitalize the enterprise services are expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. For instance, in March 2018, NITI Aayog launched the India Stack project: Digital transformation initiatives by leveraging India Stack application programming interfaces (APIs). Such initiatives further support technological advancement in enterprises such as banking services, healthcare services & mobile payments, and increasing awareness amongst businesses relating to cost saving through automation tools, driving the demand for presales engineering platforms across multiple industry verticals.

Presales supports commercial teams within organizations by helping them understand their clients more deeply through data analysis. Therefore organisations are increasingly investing in presales engineering solutions that provide real-time insights about their customers network thereby avoiding manual mistakes & paperwork involved while processing orders resulting in considerable savings on time & cost investments associated with order processing operations converting in increased revenue generation opportunities over time. In addition, the rising popularity of presales engineering tools among smaller scale organizations or startups is creating vast opportunities for vendors operating in this market across various geographical regions globally over the coming years.

Regional Market Share

The regional market share of presales engineering platforms is an important indicator of the size and growth potential of the industry. This can be determined by assessing the number of installations, global or regional revenue, or total sales for a platform.

The biggest markets for presales engineering platforms in Europe are Germany, France and the UK. Meanwhile in Asia, Japan is the largest market for these platforms worldwide as companies leverage its advanced technology infrastructure. North America and Latin America countries such as Canada and Brazil are at the forefront with well-developed telecommunications networks increasingly incorporating modern technologies into their systems strategies.

The presales engineering market in Africa is relatively small compared to other regions due to limited resources used by local companies. Still, it is expected to grow significantly in coming years due investment by multinationals into local economies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Overall, demand for these types of solutions has been increasing steadily over recent years, primarily by developed countries such as those mentioned above but also from emerging markets in South East Asia. This can be attributed to a large part by heightened awareness surrounding emerging technologies such as cloud computing giving rise to new opportunities for companies to invest in digital infrastructure along with greater emphasis on customer experience combined with more accessible digital tools have given businesses greater incentives to up their game technologically speaking.

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Drivers of Market Growth

There are several factors contributing to the market growth for presales engineering platforms. Most notably, customers have grown to demand a higher level of service and responsiveness from their suppliers, while also recognizing the cost savings associated with digital solutions. These two pressure points create opportunities for digital businesses offering high-end solutions that help enable sales teams and reduce customer acquisition costs. Additionally, there is a growing global demand for skilled presales engineers – especially in regions such as Asia – enabling greater development of existing markets as companies strive to keep up with customer needs.

Additionally, many companies are embracing the shift towards “systematic selling” that often involves detailed technical analysis and collaboration among departments before engaging sales teams. This creates a need for presales platforms that structure sales conversations better and enable smoother customer journeys, allowing prospects to focus on problem solving instead of making technology decisions.

Finally, advancements in data science technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have opened new opportunities for predictive presales solutions, increasing productivity by intelligently evaluating customer needs based on historical data patterns and providing tailored solutions based on optimization models. All these drivers are helping fuel sustained growth in the global market for presales engineering platforms.

Market Segmentation

Presales engineering platforms are becoming increasingly important in business operations, propelling the growth of this market. For example, Vivun recently raised $35 million to advance their platform in this sector.

To understand this growing market, it is important to know the various segments that make up the presales engineering platform industry and the distinct characteristics of each. This article will delve into market segmentation of the presales engineering platform industry and some of the driving forces behind its growth.

By Type

When segmenting the market for presales engineering platforms, there are various ways to categorize potential customers. The three main types of segmentation that are typically applied are by type, by industry, and by geography.

The most common way to segment presales engineering platform customers is by type (e.g., large enterprise, SMB/midmarket, public sector). Large enterprises typically have the resources and budgets to invest in comprehensive platforms with multiple features and integrations. On the other hand, SMB/midmarkets will often look for affordable options that can quickly be deployed and are easily maintained with limited technological resources available. Meanwhile, public sector customers from state or local governments tend to have unique needs such as stringent compliance guidelines or specialized use cases.

By Industry Presales engineering platform customers may also be categorized by industry (e.g., manufacturing, healthcare, finance). Industry-specific requirements often differ regarding data security, other compliance regulations, customer service expectations, and communication preferences. Understanding each customer’s needs based on their industry vertical can help tailor the offering to meet their specific requirements.

By Geography Lastly, presales engineering platform customers may be broken down geographically (e.g., North America vs Europe vs Asia Pacific). Customers located in different regions may require different pricing models due to varying economic climates or local customize offerings because of cultural nuances that could impact user adoption and performance of the product in that region most effectively delivered through different languages or localized content in marketing materials. To maximize ROI within global markets correctly identifying key geography markets are imperative when considering an international expansion strategy for such products.

By End-User

In the presales engineering platform market, segmentation can be done according to end-user applications. End-users include:

  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Component, computer, and software distributors.
  • IT services companies.
  • Telecom service providers.
  • Government agencies.

The presales engineering platform market for OEMs and component, computer, and software distributors is mainly driven by rising demand for custom solutions among companies across different industries. The growth rate of this segment is expected to remain strong due to the increasing demand for rapid engineering iterations to meet competitive pressure.

The IT services segment is expected to grow moderately as companies focus on operations efficiency by leveraging integrated technology solutions. The telecom service provider segment will likely exhibit a higher growth rate due to growing demand for advanced communication technologies such as 5G networks, cloud infrastructure, and data analytics solutions among commercial clients worldwide.

The government agencies segment is expected to grow as governments increasingly rely on digitization and automation processes for various operations such as defense and public safety applications, border security enforcement activities, social collaboration initiatives related to healthcare systems, etc.

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By Region

When it comes to market segmentation, one of the most common methods businesses use is dividing their market by geographic region. Region-based segmentation can target different customer needs and preferences based on geography or language. Companies with a global presence might consider segmenting their product by city, state, country, or even continent. This segmentation can help companies adjust their marketing messages to appeal to different customer bases and drive sales in specific regions.

The presales engineering platform market can also be subdivided according to region-based characteristics to assess regional differences that could impact the use and adoption of these platforms. This kind of regional perspective might include factors such as population size, population density, income level, technology infrastructure availability and development trends, educational attainment levels, regulatory environment for digital services and ecommerce platforms, and regional trends in terms of customer demand for presales engineering solutions.

These regional differences should be considered when designing marketing strategies for this product category. Adjustments can be made based on localized demand to improve sales performance throughout the territories covered by a given digital platform or app.

Competitive Landscape

The presales engineering market has grown rapidly in recent years. As of December 2020, several key players exist in the market, such as Vivun, Clari, ClearSlide, Salesforce, and Highspot.

Each of these presales engineering platforms has its own features, making them stand out in the crowd. This article will discuss the competitive landscape of the presales engineering market, and how these companies are positioning themselves.

Major Players

The presales engineering platform market is a dynamic and growing space as companies look to leverage technology solutions to improve the quality of their product sales cycle. Several major industry players have emerged in this ticket, offering various products and services that cater to unique customer needs. Here is a list of some of the most notable companies in this field:

-Absolute Services: This company provides enterprise analytics solutions for presales operations, helping organizations monitor and report their sales performance metrics.

-FinanceForce: An integrated platform designed for end-to-end presales engineering operations, with features such as inventory optimization, analytics management, and automated sales reporting.

-SalesOps: Specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to track pricing trends and optimize workflow processes within a company’s engineering ecosystem.

-Datalinx: Offers cloud solutions for presales teams to locate the perfect client by leveraging data-driven insights into market trends and customer preferences.

-HubSpire: Provides comprehensive management tools that enable engineering teams to track opportunities, prioritize tasks, assess sales performance, analyze customer data, streamline communication channels across departments, etc.

Strategic Developments

The market for pre-sales engineering platforms is becoming more competitive as organizations invest in their sales organizations. As such, companies that offer pre-sales engineering platforms have invested in various strategic developments to remain competitive and differentiate themselves from other players in the market.

One key development by these companies involves partnerships with technology providers and software vendors to develop next-generation features that improve usability, security, scalability, and other capabilities of their products or services. For example, organizations are increasingly leveraging integrations with powerful AI-powered web resources such as Google Dialogflow or big data databases such as Amazon Redshift to improve the accuracy of information delivered by analytics engines to generate meaningful insights for their customers.

Furthermore, some vendors now offer robust support capabilities to deliver their customers expert consultants and reliable IT support services. Vendors are also increasingly offering developers various software development tools geared toward rapid deployment and improved efficiency across different stages of product rollouts.

Overall, these efforts demonstrate the commitment by certain vendors to stay ahead in a crowded market filled with new entrants looking for a slice of the pie. By remaining on the cutting edge of all key business trends and better understanding customer needs, these companies can continue competing effectively despite increased pressure from competitors operating within this space.


In conclusion, the global presales engineering market is profitable and stable. It shows strong growth potential due to increasing interest in digitalizing business processes, customer service, and customer experience. The global market is dominated by industry giants such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle CX Applications Cloud Service, etc.

Presales engineering platforms offer a variety of services to facilitate sales activities. These include collaboration, task and project management, reporting, and customer support tools. Companies should explore their options before deciding which presales engineering platform to invest in for more profitable returns. Investing in the right platform will enhance the organization’s performance and help companies better manage customer data and analytics for improved decision-making and operational performance.

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