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Top 8 Best Anime Torrents Sites (2021)

There are many websites out there that offer anime torrents, but not all of them are the best. With the help of this article, you will be able to find the best 8 sites that offer high-quality anime torrents.

Anime viewership has exploded as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, and you won’t have any trouble getting anime torrents today.

Many torrenting websites have sprung up in the past year, and many of them now include privacy-enhancing features such as encryption of P2P data, concealing your IP address, and so on.

If you’re looking for the finest anime torrents, here are eight to consider.

Disclaimer: TechLatest does not support or promote any actions that lead to unlawful anime material downloads through torrent sites. Because this listicle is only for instructional reasons, users must use caution.

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The Top 8 Anime Torrent Sites

Name Website
Nyaa / 
Tosho Anime 
The Pirate Bay is a website dedicated to pirates.
Toshokan (Tokyo Toshokan)

In nations like as India, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the majority of websites are banned. You may utilize a VPN and then copy-paste these website URLs into your browser to get access to these anime torrent sites.

1. Nyaa

Nyaa is presently one of the finest anime torrents accessible, and unlike other torrents, it has no advertisements. The website features a straightforward user interface that will make things easier for you.

Look through the available anime material or use the search bar to find the one you’re searching for. You can also sort the list by how many seeders and leechers there are. Nyaa 

Hige Wo Soru, Noragami, and Dragon Quest are some of the most recent anime torrents on the site. Because some ISPs have blocked access to the website, you may need to use a VPN to view it. / / / / www.nya 

2. Tosho Anime

Anime Tosho is another popular anime torrent download site with a large and devoted following. The website has a laid-back, old-school style similar to Nyaa, but it has an earlier version of the UI than the latter. 

Anime Tosho offers you instant access to a plethora of anime material through direct links to torrent and magnet downloads.

The greatest part about Anime Tosho is that it has no advertising and, unlike the other torrent websites mentioned here, it does not lead you to strange websites. Anime Tosho, like Nyaa, seems to be banned by certain ISPs and organizations across the globe.

Animetosho’s website may be found at 

The Pirate Bay is number three.

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is without a doubt one of the most popular and biggest torrent sites on the internet, with over 28 million monthly visits.

TBP, although not particularly for anime, is a generic torrent website with a large collection of anime-related torrents. The caveat is that you need to know precisely what you’re looking for, whether it’s Jujitsu, Naruto, or something else.

You should be able to locate any anime you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. However, check the comments before downloading the torrents to your device to avoid any virus or phishing efforts.

There is no need to register, and everything you need is there at your fingertips with simple navigation. 

The Pirate Bay’s website is

4. 1337X

Are you looking for high-resolution torrents? 1337X is an excellent option since it offers a large selection of anime films and TV programs, as well as other types of entertainment.

Although the user interface isn’t too complex, it is simple and clear, so you’ll like it. If you want to download torrents that are popular at any particular moment, you may go through the whole anime area or look through the popular lists for this week, today, and the top 100 of any month.

1337X is a famous website with more than 52 million monthly visitors that offers new material every other day and quicker downloading. Because it is illegal in the United Kingdom, India, Ireland, Australia, and a few other countries, you will need to utilize a VPN to access it. is the URL for the website.

LimeTorrents is number five.

LimeTorrents, another popular anime downloads service, has over 14.6 million monthly visits. LimeTorrents is a one-stop site where you can get your hands on lots of torrents, despite being prohibited in the UK, France, and Australia. 

LimeTorrents is one of the oldest torrenting websites, having a large collection of anime-related material, including both television programs and movies. To download the torrents, you’ll need to use the LimeTorrents software, although it’s well worth it if you use torrents often. is the URL for the website.

Tokyo Toshokan (No. 6)

If you’re a die-hard anime lover, you should be familiar with Tokyo Toshokan. For the uninitiated, it is a haven for anime lovers, since it has a large amount of Japanese material that isn’t available on other torrent sites.

It doesn’t only offer anime; it also has a lot of other Japanese material accessible at the touch of a button.

Every month, about 3.4 million people visit the site. It’s excellent for expert users since it has material related to anime and hentai, such as comics, TV programs, and movies.

It, like any other torrent site, may be blocked in your country, therefore it is recommended that you utilize a VPN instead. is the website for Tokyo Tosho.

AniRena is number seven.

AnRena is a haven for people looking to download all Japanese material, with a massive collection of tv programs and movies including hentai, anime, drama, manga, and more.

The service is very simple to use; all you have to do is search for anime torrents, examine information such as leechers and seeders, and download them.

The majority of the anime material on AniRena is also accessible in English, so you don’t have to depend only on subtitles.

Every month, the website receives around 420K visitors. AniRena features a large quantity of P2P files, as well as a burgeoning online community that is forming right now. You don’t need to register to download torrents, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Anirena’s website may be found at 

Torlock is number eight.

Torlock isn’t a dedicated anime torrents site, but it does have a large library of anime to choose from. Simply go to the anime area and you’ll find all you need. You may search by keyword, and Torlock will locate the torrent you wish to download in a matter of seconds.

Fortunately, Torlock is popular because it has a list of certified torrents with all the information you need, like file size, seeders, peers, and more. To get your hands on the anime torrents you want to download and view, I still suggest utilizing a VPN. 

Torlock’s website may be found at 

Best Anime Torrent Sites – Closing Phrases

And with that, the article on the 8 greatest anime torrents accessible on the internet comes to a close. Before continuing with any of the mentioned torrenting sites, it is recommended that you exercise caution. 

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