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What analysts are saying about Unity Software Inc

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Unity Software Inc. (U) is a cloud-based development platform for creating 3D, 2D, virtual, and augmented reality applications and games. It provides developers a comprehensive suite of tools to design, build, and monetize interactive content. Unity Software Inc. is the leading provider of software development tools and services with more than 7 million monthly active users.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Unity Software Inc. and the most recent analyst sentiment on their Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript.

Unity Software Inc. (U) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript

Unity Software Inc., formerly known as Unity Technologies, is an American video game software development company based in San Francisco. Founded in 2004, they released their Unity game engine to the public in 2005. They have customers in 114 countries and employ over 3200 professionals around the globe.

Developers and publishers use Unity’s software products globally to create multi-platform 2D, 3D, VR and AR games and experiences. Unity has become a leading global provider of real-time 3D development platforms for Visual Studio, Xamarin and other technologies. Developers can use the engine’s no-code workflow to build interactive content across multiple platforms including console, mobile, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), web and more.

Unity Software Inc has been recognized as a top 5 game engine by analytics from renowned companies such as Gartner Research & Advisory and Forrester Research LLC on media outlets like CNBC. With passionate developers driving creative success for years to come Unity is considered one of the most reliable engines on the market due too their cutting edge technology that is constantly evolving according to industry needs such as their usage or popular render pipeline or state of art machine learning tools among visual scripting tools like C# using the Mono Runtime System when creating 2D platform games or even supporting technologies such as unity connect which helps unite developers with creatives for collaborative projects seamlessly making it more accessible for new developers who might not have access to specialized hardware necessary for coding hardware based content normally associated with Virtual Reality applications.


Unity Software Inc. is a software company whose products provide tools for creating and running gaming platforms, interactive applications and immersive experiences. As of 2021, the company has an estimated 4,000+ customers across more than 190 countries globally and claims over 11 billion monthly active users. The company reported revenue of $1.12 billion in fiscal year 2020, representing 64% growth from fiscal 2019, while GAAP income grew to $101 million from $62 million in fiscal 2019. Unity’s gross margin was 79%, compared to 78% in the prior year.

The company also announced several strategic moves that have helped to strengthen its competitive advantage. These include new capabilities in machine learning, cloud computing and entertainment to help power performance-critical experiences while leveraging over 30 modules already built into their platform by the team at Unity Technologies such as 3D rendering engine, multi-language libraries and more; an agreement with Epic Games that has enabled developers to publish their games on both Epic Games’ storefronts including the Epic Games Store; launch of new tools for real-time content creation including State Machine Editor for multi-user experiences; second generation AR platform AR Foundation released for cross-platform development supported by new Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) technology; unification partnership with Pixomondo that streamlines content creation from storyboarding through production; and the appointment of Carmen Baird as the executive vice president of Worldwide Client Services & Business Operations.

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Analyst Opinions

Analysts have weighed in on Unity Software Inc.’s (U) Q3 2020 earnings call with varying opinions. Some have been bullish while others are more reserved in their outlook. Some predict near-term gains while others have projected more conservative numbers.

Let’s look at what analysts say about U’s recent earnings call.

Positive Opinions

Many analysts have taken a positive view on Unity Software Inc., citing its strong revenue growth and the high potential revenue generated by its recent acquisitions. In particular, analyst firm JMP Securities noted that Unity Software’s platform is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for 3D content. Stifel Nicolas is similarly optimistic, noting that “Unity has been making steady progress in improving customer features and retention as well as developing new opportunities to increase sales.” In addition, B. Riley FBR analyst Paul San suggests that Unity Software could have its best year yet in 2021, with strong revenue growth and margin expansion related to mobile gaming and the future potential of 5G technology.

Several analysts also noted the potential of the upcoming mergers and acquisitions of Unity Software. Raymond James noted: “We believe existing deals such as the acquisition of Vivox should benefit from better underlying trends in gaming development, which we think make them attractive investments for Unity in 2021—including increasing 5G networks and virtual/augmented reality technology, both being used more frequently by game developers” UBS analyst Amit Daryanani mentions that “Unity Software’s foray into digital content publishing could also be a big lift for revenues this year as it’s tapping into an underserved market”

Overall, most analysts remain upbeat on the prospects of Unity Software Inc., expecting considerable upside in their stock prices this year despite the various headwinds faced by the sector due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Neutral Opinions

In recent weeks, various analyst opinions have been about Unity Software Inc, ranging from very positive to very negative. The following are reviews and ratings given by neutral analysts on the company, who are not currently biased towards any particular outlook.

KeyBanc Capital Markets maintains a Neutral rating on UTSU with a 121 price target on the stock.

UBS Group has maintained a Neutral rating on UTSU with a price target of 120.

Needham & Company LLC suggests traders should remain Neutral on the stock until further developments can be seen in the company’s fundamentals.

Cowen & Co finds that Unity is at an important crossroads and has maintained its Neutral rating and 124 price target.

RBC Capital Markets maintains its previous Neutral stance with a price target of 125.

Baird gave UTSU a Neutral rating with 118 as their 12-month price target based on their research into the long-term potential of Unity Technology’s products and services within the industry.

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Negative Opinions

Though Unity Software Inc.’s (U) financials remain strong and the company continues to provide robust virtual reality technology, some concerns have sparked debate among analysts about the company’s future path.

Some experts are skeptical of the ongoing research and development costs associated with Unity, arguing that these costs will continue to increase and erode profits in the long-term. Additionally, a few sceptics have raised questions about Unity’s high valuation multiple, noting that it is far too expensive relative to its peers in the technology industry. Finally, due to their focus on virtual reality products, a few analysts worry that total sales could suffer if the marketplace for virtual reality becomes saturated.

All these criticisms aside, there has been broad agreement among analysts about Unity’s financial fundamentals and its potential for growth in the future. Despite these critical opinions of U’s stock performance and prospects for earnings in 2021, investors remain confident that U shares will continue to rise as they benefit from continued research & development costs. Currently, most analysts maintain their positive outlooks on U’s stock despite remaining aware of new potential challenges down the line.

Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript

Unity Software Inc. (U) reported its third quarter earnings results on November 5th, 2020. During the call, the company provided a detailed quarter review and discussed their outlook for the future.

Analysts have provided their take on the call, highlighting the positive and potential risks to the sector. Let’s take a look at what analysts have to say about Unity Software Inc (U).

Highlights from the Call

The Q3 2020 earnings call for Unity Software Inc provided bullish indicators for the organization’s growth and sustainability. During the call, Chief Financial Officer Kim Jabal outlined the performance of several key financial metrics, including total revenue, subscription revenue, gross margin and non-GAAP increase.

Regarding total revenue, Jabal reported 19% growth from last year’s quarter, which was attributed primarily to customer organic growth and higher demand for subscription services. Subscription Revenue also experienced a dynamic 40% increase year-over-year due largely to new customers acquisition. Gross Margin surprised analysts by clocking in significantly higher than conservative estimates with a mark of 73%. Additionally, Non-GAAP operating income grew by 26% compared to last year and an adjusted EPS of $ 0.28 came in at 78%, above analyst expectations.

Analysts covering Unity Software Inc are optimistic regarding its ability to continue this high level of performance into the future; they collectively estimate a 20% yearly return over the next 5 years through 2026. Overall, Unity Software Inc looks poised to make significant strides in 2021 on various fronts after wrapping up an impressive end to 2020.

Analyst Questions and Answers

Unity Software Inc held its third quarter 2020 earnings call with analysts on August 4, 2020. During the earnings call, executives addressed questions posed by analysts regarding the company’s performance in Q3.

Analysts asked several questions during the call concerning the performance of Unity’s products, monetization strategies, and market opportunity – to which executives provided detailed answers.

Questions asked by analysts included:

  • How has your sales presence in Asia impacted your monetization strategy?
  • What can you tell us about your plans for developing new verticals in 2021?
  • What improvements have you made to product usage and sales efficiency?
  • Are there any change initiatives within Unity focused on cost savings or becoming more efficient that you can share with us today?
  • Regarding overall demand for your Unity platform, what trends have you observed during the pandemic?
  • How have pricing changes impacted customer satisfaction levels?
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Unity Software Inc.’s Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript has revealed positive results, with analysts praising their performance. Despite the economic challenges of the current pandemic, they had impressive revenue growth.

Moreover, they had strong fundamentals, including a strong cash position and increased profitability.

This section will cover the analysts’ takeaways and conclusions from the Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript.

Summary of Analyst Opinions

Unity Software Inc is a rapidly growing software company with a broad range of offerings for creating immersive 3D experiences. Analysts are noting the company’s potential within the video game and simulation sectors and its ability to manage projects that require complex programming.

Analysts have generally been positive in their evaluations of Unity, citing the company’s strong technical breadth and ability to leverage its platform across multiple industries. Analysts have also praised Unity’s user-friendly development suite, noting its wide range of tools and support resources that make game development faster and easier. The company has also been lauded for its ability to accommodate small indie developers and larger enterprises with more sophisticated needs.

Overall, analysts who cover Unity rate it as a buy, pointing to its core strengths in 3D visualization technology that are becoming increasingly important in the digital world. With an extensive list of successful clients and a continuous stream of innovations, Unity is proving to be a key player in the software space – one with immense promise for years ahead.

Outlook for Unity Software Inc.

Analysts have a generally positive outlook on Unity Software Inc. They see the company’s current and upcoming products, especially their gaming services, as providing strong potential for growth in the coming years. Analysts also view Unity’s leadership and agile development structure as a sign of its ability to remain competitive in the rapidly changing technological landscape that it operates in.

The stock price for Unity Software Inc has seen steady growth from its initial listing at $52 per share to over $100 per share today. This reflects analysts’ positive outlook on the company, with some predicting that it could become one of the top software companies by 2030. Additionally, investors have responded favorably to strategic acquisitions such as the recent purchase of Mod City Games and Color Targeting for their expertise in game development.

Despite all this good news, analysts urge investors to monitor Unity Software Inc’s financial health closely given their reliance on subscription-based product revenue models in an uncertain economic climate. In addition, several analysts are encouraged by high user acquisition rates, but caution that these may not be sustainable unless Unity can sustain high customer engagement levels over time. In particular, they point out that rising competition from large tech companies with deep pockets could potentially disrupt market dynamics and threaten Unity’s continued success in future years. For now however, analysts remain confident in Unity’s portfolio and management team which has consistently delivered strong returns over the past decade.

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