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What Are Sumeru Equity Partners?

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Sumeru Equity Partners is a global growth-stage venture capital firm that provides capital to businesses in Europe and North America. The firm was formed in 2018 and has offices in London and San Francisco. Sumeru Equity Partners focuses on companies at the intersection of healthcare, technology, finance, and enterprise services.

The firm provides both early-stage and growth-stage investments primarily targeting established firms or those with substantial revenue potential to drive growth via strategic acquisitions or other means. In addition to financial support, Sumeru Equity Partners offers expertise in areas such as strategy setting, customer engagement, product development, technology integration, analytics guidance, marketing campaigns, international expansion, product monetization and more.

Consensus recently announced a $110 million raise from Sumeru Equity Partners. While the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, it is certain that Consensus will use the new funds for ongoing operations as well as continued expansion into new markets around the world. With the investment from Sumeru Equity Partners consenus plans to continue its mission of making data accessible and powering a world where everyone has access to trustless data without sacrificing security or privacy.

What is Sumeru Equity Partners?

Sumeru Equity Partners is a venture capital firm that provides capital and strategic guidance to high-growth businesses. They have invested in a range of companies, from enterprise software to consumer facing digital media.

With their recent investment of $110 million in Consensus, it is clear that they are dedicated to helping companies grow and succeed.

Let us take a look at Sumeru Equity Partners in more detail.

Consensus Raises $110M from Sumeru Equity Partners to Accelerate Growth

Sumeru Equity Partners, formerly known as Sumeru Equity Investors, is a private equity firm that was founded in 2004 by Jonathan Kempner and Dan Manoogian. The two were both successful leveraged buyout investors who combined their experience and knowledge to create a focused investment firm. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional offices in San Francisco, California, and London.

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Since its inception in 2004, Sumeru Equity has been involved in many notable deals including the acquisition of Clearwater International from UBS; the purchase of Pac-12 Networks from Asian private equity firm TVX; the sale of Information & Communication Systems Solutions to Duke Holding; and the merger of KEDIT Technologies with Office Depot Europe.

In 2020 Sumeru Equity Partners announced an agreement to lead an $110 million Series A round for Consensus Inc., helping the AI-driven market research platform expand its offerings and accelerate growth. This continued their tradition of committing capital to technology companies across all stages.

Investment Strategy

Sumeru Equity Partners is a growth-oriented investment firm with a long-term focus on private companies. Founded in 2017, the firm has raised over $110 million and invested in several high-growth technology companies. Sumeru Equity Partners specializes in property optimization, operations advisory and other strategic investments.

The fund’s investment strategy focuses on identifying unique value creation opportunities that accelerate the growth of its portfolio companies. This includes crafting innovative strategies such as minority investments, direct venture capital/personal equity investments and growth equity/recapitalization transactions. Sumeru Equity Partners also leverages its extensive network of relationships to foster deals and identify potential partners for their portfolio companies.

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The firm is dedicated to creating value through access to experienced resources, cutting edge business opportunities, strategic capital infusions and value availing operations management practices. With a strong presence in both Silicon Valley and India, Sumeru Equity Partners brings strong relationships into its portfolio companies’ respective ecosystems that provide deep domain expertise as well as new global connections.

Additionally, Sumeru Equity Partners takes a forward-looking approach by actively enabling its portfolio company’s future visions including through access to its preeminent network of industry veterans from the consumer Internet, fintech, healthcare IT & services technology domains. The team also provides valuable guidance on product development, sales & marketing strategies and cost optimization for operating efficiency.


Sumeru Equity Partners is a technology-focused venture capital firm dedicated to driving growth for visionary founders. The firm invests in early to growth stage startups across the world and unleashes their capabilities through its global network and resources. The Sumeru portfolio includes a variety of companies, from enterprise software providers to consumer and healthcare technology.

With offices in the US and India, Sumeru Equity Partners works closely with its portfolio companies on product development, go-to-market strategies, recruiting, operational management, customer acquisition and industry relationships. The team follows an active approach in transforming businesses into market leaders by implementing best practices across all aspects of operations.

To date, the firm has invested in over 40 companies across seven countries in two continents – North America (USA & Canada) and Asia (India). These investments span multiple verticals such as enterprise software & cloud technologies; consumer mobile applications; healthcare IT & services; online retail markets & marketplaces; internet services/software-as-a-service (Saas); media & entertainment; transportation & logistics; smart city infrastructure solutions; clean energy solutions/technologies; IoT devices & services and fintech.


Sumeru Equity Partners is a technology-focused venture investor and fundless sponsor. Founded in 2008 by Scott Sandell, General Partner at NEA and a leading former VC investor Rob Mittendorff, Sumeru has been at the forefront of corporate innovation since its inception.

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Led by partners from an iconic background in the technology investment world — with deep connections to both venture and private equity — Sumeru’s team is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights into the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Sumeru has experience in both public and private markets, operating across sectors and through various asset classes such as venture capital, late-stage debt, and minority ownership.

The firm invests primarily in companies in mature industry segments that are undergoing rapid change due to technological advances such as AI/ML, robotics, blockchain, quantum computing, etc., with a strong focus on identifying those that represent significant economic opportunity because of the transformation they can bring. The team’s approach combines strategic guidance with experienced operational resources to help drive long-term value for highgrowth companies.

Recent Investment in Consensus

Just recently, Consensus announced that it has raised $110M in funding from Sumeru Equity Partners to enable its continued growth.

Sumeru Equity Partners, based in the USA, is a venture capital firm that specializes in the late stage growth of startups.

In this article, we will discuss what Sumeru Equity Partners are and why they invested such a large sum of money in Consensus.


Consensus, a leading blockchain protocol and developer of enterprise applications and infrastructure, recently announced they have secured $110 million USD in Series C equity financing from Sumeru Equity Partners, a technology-focused venture firm. This new round of funding follows previous investments from big-name players such as Alphabet’s CapitalG and the Singaporean wealth fund GIC in 2018 and 2019.

The new capital is expected to be used to fast-track the development of Consensus’ blockchain products, expand its global market presence, as well as increase its capacities for research and development. It will also support Consensus’ allocation for acquisitions of startups that may add strategic short-term value to the company’s roadmap.

This additional funding brings the total investments so far in Consensus to more than $250 million USD since our investment in 2016. Through a combination of venture capital investments, strategic partnerships, and corporate partnerships with many household names from Microsoft to JPMorgan Chase&Co., we believe our portfolio companies are well positioned for long-term success regardless of market conditions.

Sumeru Equity Partners is backed by an experienced team that combines decades experience investing in both private technology companies as well as public tech companies. Their strategy and philosophy contribute to their track record of investing successfully in high growth early stage businesses with demonstrated potential like Consensus’s venture into application infrastructure and cloud services. We hope that this latest investment will provide further momentum towards continued success in their mission to make blockchain accessible for businesses everywhere.


The new $110M investment from Sumeru Equity Partners will provide Consensus with the resources to expand upon its industry-leading platform and accelerate its global growth into new markets. It will also further empower its team of industry experts to identify opportunities to improve upon existing solutions and build total enterprise solutions around the platform.

The new funding provides Consensus with many benefits, such as:

  • Allowing it to invest in new products and expand into more countries – giving customers greater opportunity to access their services.
  • Investing in personnel expansion, increased customer support and related technology initiatives – all of which benefit customers by providing them an improved service experience.
  • Enhancing its product capabilities – allowing customers access to more value-added features, while simultaneously providing a better customer experience.
  • Improving customer satisfaction by further optimizing operational processes – resulting in quicker response times and deliveries.

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