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What Celona Plans To Do With Its $60M Series C Round

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Celona, the leading low-latency 5G LAN network provider, has just raised $60 million in a Series C round. The funding was led by existing investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Sapphire Ventures. This brings the startup’s total funding to over $94 million.

With this new infusion of capital, Celona plans to continue building its revolutionary 5G Local Area Network (LAN) solution and ramp up its sales and marketing efforts to make 5G physically available to more customers in 2021.

The Series C round will also provide capital for deploying the 5G LAN solution at enterprise clients, many of whom are realizing the need for a low-latency access layer for advanced use cases such as mission-critical applications, real-time analytics and autonomous systems. Celona is well positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing market with its innovative product offering that provides up to ten times faster connection speeds than traditional wireless or wired networks. The company’s goal is to have over 1 million sites armed with Celona’s low latency 5G LAN technology by 2024.

What Celona Does

Celona, a low-latency 5G LAN network provider, recently closed a $60M Series C round. This additional funding brings the total amount of money Celona has raised to over $100M.

Celona plans to use the additional capital to expand its network and develop its 5G edge technology. The company also aims to accelerate its global expansion to support businesses in their digital transformation.

In this section, we will explore what Celona does and how the company plans to use this additional capital.

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona raises $60M in Series C round

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona has raised a $60 million Series C round of funding to expand its wireless enterprise private networks. The round was co-led by Waypoint Capital and Verizon Ventures and included participation from MissionOG and True Ventures.

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Celona plans to use the new funds to accelerate the rollout of its cloud-jointed enterprise edge solution, which is aimed at eliminating complexity for organizations of all sizes by providing indoor and outdoor 5G LAN networks that deliver low latency along with connectivity and data access within minutes. This will eliminate the need for businesses to pay expensive fees for costly fiber installations at their own premises or on leased properties.

Celona’s technology also enables businesses to securely manage both public clouds, non-cloud applications, as well as device lifecycle control directly from a single integrated control planeand orchestrate financial, operational and security policies centrally. Additionally, Celona also provides a variety of equipment options including gateways, repeaters, cables and antennas that guarantee 4G LTE coverage in indoor spaces where cellular signals may not reach their full potential.

Celona’s Private Network Solution Touts improved scalability in increasing traffic demands while leveraging existing investments in backhaul infrastructure with the flexibility to migrate from 4G LTE connections when 5G is ready for deployment. Companies can easily scale up or down using Celona’s software-defined model while leveraging existing capital investments with an easy “mix & match” configuration when it comes time to upgrade devices or applications with no disruption in service.

Solutions for Enterprise and Industrial IoT

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona has raised $60M in a Series C funding round to develop advanced solutions for enterprise and industrial IoT applications. The company plans to use the capital to build sophisticated software-defined infrastructure across the globe, which will allow customers to rapidly deploy business-critical services without requiring complex setup or management. With this new funding Celona will be able to bring new RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems) products and services to the market that leverage its ultra-low latency platform technology. It plans to focus on supplying easy-to-implement and manage technology that enhances customer IoT experience, such as high throughput capacity at lower user costs.

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The patented 5G LAN Router uses a combination of hardware, software and cloud technologies to create private subnetworks for enterprise and industrial IoT applications, enabling seamless data sharing between products at low latency.

Celona is working with chipmakers such as Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Intel Corporation and NXP Semiconductors N.V., hardware vendors like Foxconn Technology Group, CommScope Holding Company along with leading global systems integrators Wipro Limited and NEC Corporation to provide businesses everywhere with reliable network connectivity solutions for their Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. This latest series C funding round is set to help refine its strategy for providing comprehensive 5G LAN solutions globally – enabling businesses in almost any vertical industry the ability take advantage of the benefits of distributed edge computing without worrying about latency issues or lack of compatibility with existing infrastructure.

Celona’s Series C Round

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona just announced that it has raised a $60M Series C round of funding. This round was led by SoftBank Group and will be used to help the company expand its market reach.

With this round of funding, Celona is looking to further develop the secure and low-latency 5G LAN network providing to digital enterprises in new markets. Let’s take a look at what Celona plans to do with this new funding.

$60M raised in Series C round

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona recently completed its $60 million Series C round of funding. The round was led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, with participation from new investors Command Ventures and Elbrus Ventures, as well as returning investors NEA and Verizon Ventures.

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Through this round of funding, Celona plans to expand its enterprise product by developing next-generation access control systems that are accessible from the distributed enterprise network.

The investment will also allow Celona to add new features for enterprise subscribers including advanced analytics and performance monitoring capabilities. With these new features, enterprise customers will be capable of making better decisions and benefit from improved operational efficiency while keeping their data secure. Additionally, the funds will help launch the first private 5G LAN networks deployed in different regions to further advance 5G LAN technology.

Celona’s technology helps enterprises build low-latency 5G LAN networks through distributed operation centers with unified subscriber and service management that spans across multiple locations or buildings. This secure ’5G as a Service’ model aims to provide an all-inclusive platform for customers looking for an optimal networking solution for their business operations in the wake of remote work becoming prevalent due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Investors include Intel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures and more

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona has raised a whopping $60 million in its Series C funding round, which was backed by strategic investors and existing investors such as Intel Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), Ericsson Investment Management, CommScope, Dell Technologies, Inc. and Modulus Ventures. This latest round of funding brings Celona’s total raised to date to over $90 million.

The newly raised funds will be used to further accelerate the company’s growth initiatives in the worldwide 5G enterprise LAN market and build out its partner ecosystem. Celona also plans to use the new investment to enhance its R&D capabilities which will facilitate innovation and bring new solutions to market that helps customers get the most out of their 5G investments. With these investments ability to more effectively collaborate across distributed business locations as well as upskill LTE networks into 5G is expected to be significantly increased with an improved end user experience yielded through enhanced low latency real time operations.

Plans for the Series C Round

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona recently closed a $60 million Series C round. With this injection of new capital, Celona is well-positioned to expand its services and build upon the foundation it has created for its customers.

In this article, we will explore the plans for the Series C round of investment and what Celona hopes to achieve.

Expand Celona’s 5G LAN network

Low-latency 5G LAN network provider Celona has raised $60 million in its Series C round of financing. The capital will be used to expand Celona’s 5G LAN solution. The Series C investor consortium includes strategic investors Comcast Ventures and Samsung NEXT, among a list of other investors including Battery Ventures and Pacific Light Data Communication.

Celona’s 5G LAN solution promises businesses high speed and reliable connections while enabling them to take advantage of advanced communication features such as low latency, end-to-end mobility, cloud integration, and system scalability. With the additional funds, Celona plans to expand their 5G LTE and IT network infrastructure, allowing more businesses to leverage their services and benefit from the performance capabilities they offer.

In addition, Celona intends to use the new capital infusion to continue building out their team as well as invest in sales and marketing initiatives that drive customer engagement for use cases such as Smart Buildings with advanced IoT sensing networks for comfort optimization; Wi-Fi networks optimized for direct device communications; real-time streaming analytics for process control; digital signage for targeted advertising; location tracking for asset utilization; and video surveillance for security monitoring.

Enhance Celona’s platform

Celona, a low-latency 5G LAN network provider, has raised $60 million in its Series C round, led by ClearSky and Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners.

With the funds from its latest round, Celona plans to enhance its platform and expand to more markets.

Using the funds, Celona will further invest in growing its engineering team and building out additional features on its platform that will leverage the power of edge computing. The company also aims to enhance its portfolio of enterprise products with the creation of a new platform that focuses on business process automation. Additionally, Celona plans to invest in expanding into new markets including Europe and Asia-Pacific. The funds will be used to build new partnerships and develop deeper integrations into existing ecosystem partners.

Increase Celona’s team size

With its Series C funding, Celona plans to increase its team size and expand its presence into new markets. This will include hiring for sales teams in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, who will be located at Celona’s Mountain View headquarters and other offices around the world. This will help to accelerate growth of Celona’s low-latency 5G LAN networking offering by allowing it to reach more partners and customers worldwide.

Part of this expansion also includes increasing R&D capabilities which are crucial in order to continue developing innovative solutions to meet customer needs. Additionally, additional marketing resources will be allocated towards brand positioning in order to strengthen customer relationships both now and into future cycles.