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How to Search Only Video Files in Windows 11

If you’re looking for a way to search only video files in Windows, this is the article for you. In this guide, we’ll show you how to quickly find and play videos in Windows without having to sort through a bunch of folders.

In Windows 11, you may input a search syntax in File Explorer to search for a particular kind of file, file type, file size, and so on, in addition to searching by keywords. This brief article will teach you how to use File Explorer in Windows 11 to search just for video files or to locate only a particular video file type.

Note that File Explorer’s search feature will only look for files in the folder or directory you’re now viewing. The search will only look for files in the Quick Access directories if your File Explorer opens in Quick Access mode by default. Before you can search, you must first go to This PC or the folder/drive you wish to search in.

In Windows 11, how can I locate all video files?

When searching in File Explorer on Windows 11, you may use the search syntax “kind:videos” to find just video files, regardless of the video file formats.

To do so, simply go to the folder or directory you wish to search in. Then put kind:videos into the File Explorer search box to look for all video files, regardless of their kind.

how to search only video files in Windows 11

Along with the kind:videos search parameter, you may also add a keyword. For example, you may use the search term “birthday kind:videos” to find any video files with the word “birthday” in the title.

How to find a specific video file type in Windows 11

In Windows 11, how can I search for just a particular video file type?

Instead, you may use the search query “ext:.file-type” to look for a particular video file type, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, and so on. The term “extension” refers to the process of extending anything. This search syntax may be used to find any file extension. If you just want to look for MP4 video files, for example, use the search phrase “ext:.mp4“.

You may use keywords in conjunction with the search syntax, just like any other search syntax or command, to limit down your results. For example, a search query such as “movie ext:.avi” will provide search results for any AVI video files with the term “movie” on them.

how to find all video type files in Windows 11

How to use File Explorer’s advanced search feature

When searching in File Explorer on Windows 11, you may use the advanced search options and filters in the search options UI (advanced search options and filters).

The “Search options” will not be displayed by default until you have run at least one search query. Simply search for anything to bring up the search choices. You should now be able to view the Search options in File Explorer’s menu bar.

Search Options Tools Missing Windows 11

What are the search options and how do I utilize them? To begin, look for a keyword. Then, under search choices, enter a search criteria. Along with the term you provided before, the search criteria will be applied. To narrow down your search even further, you may use several search criteria.

How to do an advanced search in File Explorer Windows 11

If you wish to do a search without using keywords, remove the keyword from the search box after applying the search choices to conduct a search using just the additional search criteria.

You may use advanced search tools to fine-tune your searches.

  • All subfolders: The search query will look for all files in all subfolders of the current folder/directory in File Explorer.
  • Currently open folder: The search query will only look for files in the current folder, ignoring any subfolders that may exist inside it.
  • Date modified: Include a date condition to indicate when the file was last updated.
  • Kind: The file types that you wish to look for.
  • When a file size is provided, the search results are filtered depending on the file size.
  • Files from the operating system: To include files from the operating system in searches.
  • To include compressed files and folders (any zip format) in searches, use zipped (compressed) folders.
  • File contents: Searches should contain the contents of files. For example, if you don’t remember the name of a text file but recollect a portion of its content, you may use this option to look for it even if its name doesn’t include the term you’re looking for. When you activate this option, the search will take much longer to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find only video files?

You can use the file extension filter to only show videos.

How do I search for videos on Windows?

You can search for videos on Windows by opening up the Cortana search bar and typing in youtube or vimeo.

How do I search for videos on my computer?

You can search for videos on your computer by typing in the website you want to visit, such as, and then searching for what you are looking for.

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